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Prayers for Quitting Smoking - Categories - Knowing Jesus


Christian's Prayer To Quit Smoking; Prayer For Help With My Smoking Addiction .... I need prayer to help me apply the word of God to stand firm against the habit ...

Using the 12 Steps to Stop Smoking | CBN.com


Mar 29, 2010 ... Maybe you've never thought of using them to help quit smoking, but they can be ... Believe in the power that you feel when you pray to God.

Serenity Prayer for Smokers - Recovery World


As smokers trying to stop smoking, we cannot change the craving for cigarettes, but even if we can't change the craving, we can accept it. The truth is that until ...

Quit Smoking Now | Tribulation-Now


There is only one thing that I know of that can make a person quit smoking. Fear. Powerful fear. .... I know God hears my prayers but what else do I do? I have no ...

God knows how I finally quit smoking - Telegraph


Jan 2, 2013 ... Prayer has miraculously helped me and these other smokers desperately ... by Alcoholics Anonymous, which I studied and adapted for my use.

I am a Christian who is addicted to smoking. How can I quit?


Does the Bible give any help for quitting smoking? ... After prayer and consultation with a doctor, if God gives you peace about using a medical stop- smoking aid, ...

Kiss Your Ash Goodbye: Biblical Ways to Quit Smoking ...


Jun 15, 2006 ... So use your mind to overcome it. Desire + will power + God's grace = success over addiction. Here's a quick prayer you can do to start.

The Worldwide Armor Of God Stop Smoking Daily Prayer - Angelfire


Jan 15, 2013 ... The Worldwide Armor Of God Stop Smoking Daily Prayer ... The edge of the Sword is sharpened by Your Word, against which nothing can ...

The Worldwide Armor Of God Stop Smoking Ministries Home Page


Jan 15, 2013 ... A Gospel-based stop smoking method. ... Truth; Righteousness; Peace; Faith; Salvation; Prayer ... Society as a whole has assigned the polite misnomer of “ habit” to the use of tobacco; however, the proper term is “addiction”.

Prayer to Renounce Addiction and Smoking | Truth in Reality


Aug 22, 2012 ... You come up against the power of the precious blood of Jesus and you have to go now. .... Thankyou for the prayer on deliverance from smoking i will do this for .... The Use Of Prayer Be… on The Occult and Cursed Objects…

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Smoking Cessation through Faith and Prayer | Stopping Smoking ...


Catholic resources for stopping smoking through faith and prayer. ... And how often do you reach for a cigarette out of unconscious anger as a secret wish to ...

Using Spiritual Strength to Quit Smoking | HowStuffWorks


Learn to use spiritual strength to quit smoking at Discovery Health. ... "I know that my pure intentions to quit and heal and the many prayers that surrounded me ...

Prayers for Cigarette Smokers - Chattering Mind - Beliefnet


I looked for smoking cessation prayers on the web today and there's not a lot ... a list of excellent Buddhist recovery resources that anyone can use to address ...