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Laundry involves a trade-off between cleaning clothes thoroughly and making them ... is labeled with what wash water will get it cleanest without damaging the fabric. ... one red sock will turn ten white towels pink) in order to clean them better .

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Aug 2, 2012 ... Undershirts/underwear/socks — 1 wear. ... Yes, it is possible to go many months without washing your denim (a must if it's selvedge ... Sorting by color ensures that your white dress shirts don't turn pink from the bleeding ...

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It's very true about re-washing the whites to get the "pink" out - but for those of us ... i could not sort out the colored and white clothes in my hurry to finish tasks.

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Aug 19, 2013 ... But as you may know, I actually wash people's clothes for a living. ... Basically anything that is light enough as to not bleed onto other ... Red clothing is laundry enemy #1, as it is notorious for turning an entire load of whites a pale pink. ... socks don't get lost in the wash, you crazed, neurotic sock mat...

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Sep 18, 2010 ... My socks are pretty much the only white clothing I have, so I hate to do such a ... and turn everything pink) than throwing a few socks in with the colors. ... So, if the clothes you're washing with them are not new, and have been ...

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Mar 4, 2008 ... Properly adjust pant legs and shirt arms, separate socks and turn them ... you do when a red piece of clothing turns your whites baby pink is separate ... you will probably want to wash your clothesno matter the color — on a ...

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May 27, 2015 ... Not only is my white washing pile generally rather more grey than ... The control sock is cleaner, though the stains were less ingrained. 5/10 ... a process known as saponification — it turns greasy stains into soap, which then washes off. ..... as she takes pink Ferrari for a spin to the nail bar Hugging leggings ...

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If you can prevent laundry from bleeding, you can spare yourself the ... keep you from accidentally turning everything in your load pink and once you ... Save vinegar in your laundry for items like standard underwear, socks, gym clothes, and towels. ... “Turn inside-out to launder,” “Wash in cold water,” (when the item is not a .....

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Now everything - including your favorite blue blouse - is light pink! Here's what to do. Ad ... Wash multi-colored items by hand, or in a washing machine without bleach. Fill the washing .... Related wikiHows. Restore White Socks Without Bleach.

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Spicing up your footwear with pink socks can be expensive if you purchase ... ... specialty shops or from a department store -- even then, you may not find socks in the particular shade of pink you want. ... Turn the stove off as soon as the water begins to simmer. ... Wash the socks in warm water with a mild laundry detergent.

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Don't panic if a red sock has found its way into your white washing! Bleach is ... How To Remove Pink from White Clothes: Accidental Colour-Bleeding. If your load of ... Do not tumble-dry any garments until the colour bleed has been removed.

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I accidentally turned white clothes pink. How do I get them back ... I accidentally had a red shirt in washing machine with all my cotton whites. My underwear, my ...

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Jan 13, 2008 ... Consumers have problems with red color when they do not classify washing loads properly and have a red garment contaminate an entire load ...