How to Wash Oriental Rugs
Made with colorful designs, Oriental rugs bring a unique and old world sophistication to any room. Oriental rugs come from a variety of locations including China, Vietnam and Turkey and are categorized by region. No matter where your Oriental rugs... More »
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How to Clean Oriental Rugs and Carpets - Jacobsen Oriental Rugs

Jul 14, 2015 ... NOTE: We are accepting repair and cleaning of Oriental rugs and Carpets. We clean and service Oriental rugs for many dealers, and can ... To Wash Oriental Rugs&v=NPutO2Lqy7Q
Jul 6, 2010 ... DO NOT try washing your rug until you are sure the dyes are colorfast! ... that's one way to clean an oriental rug, although there are other ...

Deep Cleaning and Shampooing Oriental Rugs-Living Areas

May 6, 2012 ... How to deep clean your oriental rug. Shampooing and steam cleaning your rug to remove dirt, debris and stains. Cleaning tips by expert house ...

How to Clean Oriental Rugs: 6 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

How to Clean Oriental Rugs. Oriental rugs are an exotic and sophisticated touch to any home or apartment. The addition of an Oriental rug to a room significantly ...

INSIDE/OUT - It's Hard to Kill a Good Oriental Carpet -

Oct 15, 2000 ... But cleaning a rug improperly causes problems. ''One of our customers had a $30,000 rug cleaned and put away,'' she said, ''and when he ...

Cleaning Persian Rugs, A Buyer's Guide to Clean Persian Carpets

Steps for Cleaning Persian Rugs, Do you need to clean your Persian Rug, Ninety percent of all spills can be removed without staining your carpet.

Rug Care Tips, How to Clean Protect Oriental Rug, Antique Rug

Although prevention is the best medicine, professional rug cleaning is indespensible for maximum enjoyment and preservation of your oriental or antique rug.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Instructions |

You can take on oriental rug cleaning all by yourself and save tons of money on professional cleaning.

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Q: How to Wash Oriental Rugs.
A: 1. Remove the debris - such as dust, dirt and hair - from the Oriental rugs by vacuuming. Turn the Oriental rugs over and vacuum the underside. 2. Pour 1 gallon... Read More »
Q: How to wash clean a oriental rug?
A: yes this will work, lay it out on a driveway in the hot sun to dry. Read More »
Q: How to Wash Out Odors From Oriental Rugs.
A: 1. Vacuum dirt, hair and other debris off the Oriental rugs. Flip the Oriental rug over and vacuum the surface debris off the underside of the rug as well. 2. M... Read More »
Q: How is an Oriental rug created?
A: Traditionally, oriental rugs were woven and tied by hand. As with most things, technology and machines have taken over the human element. Most rugs made today a... Read More »
Q: How to Buy Authentic Oriental Rugs
A: 1 Go natural. Although synthetic dyes are more stable, nothing compares to the artistry and delicacy of the natural dyes. Natural dyes tend to cost more but als... Read More »