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What makes an effective advertisement? - Quora


"in a good advertisement the product makes the 'Consumer' a hero." To sum it all ... Neither it is pure art with baseless success. It is rather a ... Related Questions.

Is there a typical deal structure for acquisitions of digital ... - Quora


Existence Question ... What is a good (or typical) commission structure for digital design and development projects? ... Most of the holding companies have pretty specific deal terms that allow them to "share risk" with the ... Jamie Riddell, I have worked in digital advertising since 1996. ... Are pure digital agencies doomed...

Are twitter ads more effective than Facebook's? - Quora


For example, from a pure ad execution perspective, Facebook gives you more ways to execute ads, but that is only good if you / your client has the assets to do so - if you can't take advantage of what Facebook offers ... Related Questions.

Can I start my own ad network? - Quora


... somewhat vertically integrated ad stack, and the 2nd that was a pure ad network.) ... They may very well be running their own ad server internally (they want to ... You know... the details that make the difference between someone seeing your question as a ... It all depends on the amount of traffic the ad network will handle.

Here's What Makes Quora Better Than Other Q&A Services ...


Jan 24, 2011 ... A psychologist shares 10 tips for dealing with anxiety at work .... In essence, Quora is a growing collection of questions with relevant, thoughtful and ... However, while targeted advertisements seems to be a very likely component of ... exchange of information and opinions that are well-backed by reason?

Quora on Designing an Organization That Designs Better Products ...


Quora's first employee, Rebekah Cox, a product designer and manager at ... Quora is a community-sourced site with a collection of continually improving questions ... and fulfill responsibilities that are beyond the realm of pure product design. ... is sitting at the table well after the important product decisions that influence th...

The Psychology Of Color - The Complete Guide to Understand ...


The answer to that question will directly affect your online marketing and ... As this Quora thread points out, there is a clear science to picking colors that ... Shades can work well with gradients when used with either a pure color or lighter shade. ... One study found that magazine readers recognize full-color ads 26% more ...

Eight reasons employers are binning your CV without reading ...


Dec 29, 2014 ... Advertisement ... First impressions really do count, so we've collected some insider tips from recruiters on question-and-answer site Quora to stop ... “X, which built the iPhone app for [insert well-known brand here]”, for example. ... systems parse your resume for information and convert it to pure text as the ...

Quora Question: What Forms of Life Could We Find on Other Planets?


Nov 11, 2015 ... Quora Questions are part of a partnership between Newsweek and Quora ... likely be carbon based because the carbon atom is so well suited to ... by alien life forms, though without evidence, this is pure speculation. ... Intelligence is an adaptation that enables us to deal very creatively ... Ads by Revcontent ...

Does Quora Really Have All the Answers? | WIRED


Apr 26, 2011 ... The big question now is: Can Quora really hope to answer everything? ... it's hard to separate the informed opinion from the pure speculation. ... to post and answer questions, as well as rate the quality of others' answers, Quora .... The advertising -heavy MySpace, which dethroned Friendster, was a bit like ...

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Copywriting: What questions do you ask a client before you ... - Quora


What questions do you ask and is it important that you are in the discussion ... and both are rewarding: agency work is more 'pure' copywriting, in terms of ... The big question, and the only question you need to answer to write good ad copy, is: what's relevant to the reader. ... You could fill a book answering this questio...

What is the best example of an unethical advertisement? - Quora


The most unethical advertisement I felt was from Toothpaste Manufacturers, they ... Your question is closer to the plot of John Carpenter's “They Live. ... consensus is that this advertising strategy doesn't work particularly well. .... What are the best examples of successful television advertisements by pure Internet companies...

Why does advertising still exist? - Quora


Jul 22, 2015 ... Advertising creates an emotional association betwee... ... "Practically three- quarters of advertising works on pure Pavlov. ... Related Questions.