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Roman villa is a term used to describe a Roman country house built for the upper ... According to Pliny the Elder, there were two kinds of villas: the villa urbana, ...

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Roman houses were so well built, if you were rich, that many examples of Roman houses exist throughout the Roman Empire. If you were poor in Rome, you ...

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Roman houses varied depending not only on the era in which they were built, but also on their location. As well as those built in Italy, there were Roman houses ...

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Only one percent of people in Roman Britain lived in villas. ... Roman houses, especially ones belonging to rich people, were so well built that the remains of ...

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These multi-level apartment blocks were built as high and tightly together as possible ... Roman houses lay on an axis, so that a visitor was provided with a view ...

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Most people living in the Roman Empire lived with their whole family in one room of a sort of apartment house. These were built, like many cheap apartment ...

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Jul 10, 2007 ... The atrium and the peristylium were perfect adaptions to the heat of the ... So much so, that when the Romans built their houses in northern Italy ...

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Bignor Roman Villa In Latin the word villa means simply, "farm", so technically villas were any form of rural agricultural dwelling built in a Roman style. In practice ...

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Glass at the windows allowed larger windows to be built to allow light in ... Rome and ancient Roman buildings were very prone to fires due to the great use of oil ...

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Insulae: Insulae were apartments used by poor Roman citizens for housing. ... A typical insula was built around a courtyard with building on the three side of the ...

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