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B4UBUILD.COM Pet Peeves: Narrow Sidewalks and Walkways


Why is it that so many builders install 3 foot wide sidewalks when the minimum recommended width for a two person walkway is 42 inches?

How Wide Should a Home's Walkway Be? | Home Guides | SF Gate


Whether you're planning to install a concrete sidewalk, gravel walkway or mulch path, before you start planning and building, you must determine how wide it ...

Sidewalk Width | SF Better Streets


Narrow sidewalks also make if difficult or impossible to provide important additional streetscape elements and pedestrian amenities. A wide sidewalk offers ...

Chapter 4 - Sidewalk Design Guidelines and Existing Practices ...


Feb 10, 2014 ... The Federal accessibility guidelines (the ADA Standards for .... Minimum clearance width is defined as the narrowest point on a sidewalk.

Perils For Pedestrians - Sidewalk Obstructions


Every obstruction is a pinch point, where pedestrians must go single file, or wait for ... This location gives firefighters the full width of the sidewalk to maneuver when ... The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that sidewalks be ...

ADA Ramp Construction - ACEC Indiana


Feb 16, 2016 ... The minimum width of a curb ramp, landing, or sidewalk, is 4 feet. A 3-ft pinch point is not acceptable. • Avoid obstructions like street furnishings ...

Chapter 4 - Sidewalk Design Guidelines and Existing Practices ...


Feb 10, 2014 ... Sidewalks form the backbone of the pedestrian transportation network. ..... For example, a 1.525-m (60-in) sidewalk is probably wide enough to ...

Standard width of sidewalks - HomeOwners Hub


May 31, 2009 ... Is there a standard width for sidewalks in front of a house door? I made one out of 12" patio blocks, two blocks wide, so it's 24" wide. Someone ...

Sidewalk Design & Landscaping - Landscaping Network


One of the biggest sidewalk design mistakes is making them too narrow. Sidewalks should be wide enough to allow two adults to walk comfortably next to each ...

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Q: How wide is a sidewalk?
A: different sizes, different places, different bld codes, different applications. they can vary greatly. standard size where I live for residential is 36"s wide. Read More »
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Q: How Wide The Sidewalk?
A: The Militant may or may not have found himself walking in the rain somewhere in the Valley, in a somewhat familiar strip of Sepulveda Blvd. in North Hills. Shie... Read More »
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Q: How wide is a sidewalk.
A: Sidehawks are different sizes, different places, different bld codes, different applications. They can vary greatly, but the standard size where I live for resi... Read More »
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Q: How wide should the sidewalk be?
A: Hi Nicole, okay. You are going put a sidewalk along one sixteen foot side and one eight foot side. That is 24 lineal feet but you also need brick in the corne... Read More »
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Q: How wide is the sidewalk?
A: (19 - 2w)(11 - 2w) = (19 * 11) - 105 209 - 38w - 22w + 4w^2 = 209 - 105 4w^2 - 60w + 209 = 104 4w^2 - 60w + 105 = 0 w = (-b ± sqrt(b^2 - 4ac))/(2a) w = (-(-60) ... Read More »
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