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Feb 17, 2015 ... Transmission modulators act as a vacuum kickdown valve which is used ... up to 2003/04), check the proper adjustment of the kickdown cable.
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Oct 22, 2015 ... http://www.cjponyparts.com/vacuum-modulator-valve-threaded-c4-and-c6- ... C4 Band Adjustment - Bill's 1966 Ford Mustang GT Convertible ...
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Apr 5, 2014 ... How to Adjust Shift Points on a GM 4T60 / 440-T4 Transmission ... Transmission modulator replacement (early GM 4T60-E models). 3:21.

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How to Adjust the Transmission Modulator Valve on a Ford C4. The C4 automatic transmission was introduced by Ford in 1964. It is equipped with a vacuum ...

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Then I would adjust your Governor, because it controls your WOT shifts. Mr gasket ... Modulator tells the valve body what the engine load is.

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Removal, Replacement And Adjustment of Transmission Modulator Valve You need to do this to properly check the internal hydraulic pressure ...

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If you do not have the pressure gauge to test this, and particularly if you or a previous non-professional PO have "tinkered" with setting the modulator valve ...

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Vacuum modulator valve hose kinked or leaking. 14. Replace hose, check spring adjustment. 15. Mechanical actuator cable kinked, broken, or not properly ...

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Pull the hose off of the intake manifold and transmission modulator valve and set it aside. Make sure to check the hose to see if any transmission fluid is present.

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The new cap design allows for fine adjustment without having to pull out the ... with 722.4x Transmission - Modulator Valve INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.

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Jul 6, 2013 ... Turn the modulator adjustment screw in a clockwise direction with the ... 1977 Ford Thunderbird and im looking at the transmission shift valve .

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This modulator pressure is also used to decide at what road speed to shift. ... At this RPM the light set of weights begins to provide the increases in the ... There are two shift valve assemblies, one for the 1-2 shift and the other for the 2-3 shift.

722.3 and 722.416 series transmission adjustments


The two adjustments on your transmission are the throttle pressure (shift timing) ... soft or too hard, you can change the quality of shift by adjusting the modulator.