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You can find a long-lost book by using the right internet tools and search keywords. Try these tips to find a book even when you can't remember its title or author.


Feb 16, 2010 ... Finding a book when you don't know the title or author .... dean in Prince George county, Maryland, who disappeard without telling anyone.


How to Find a Novel, Short Story, or Poem Without Knowing its Title or Author ... Library catalogs allow users to limit searches for book records by a number of ...


What is the name of that book where...? Are you looking for the title and author of a book? Join the growing Whatsthatbook.com community today! Find your ...


6 discussion posts. Kelsey said: I'm trying to find a book I read over 3 or 4 years ago that was a murder mystery. I believe the title had the word Poe...


How do I find a book whose author and title I don't know, but can ... Create, market & sell your branded course site without any tech headaches.


Jun 21, 2012 ... I have been trying to find a book that I read the summer before my grandma ... I can't remember the author or the title of the book but I think I can ...


This will help anyone else who's looking for your same book! -- Book found: [Title] by Author. Visit the group's WikiThing page for more suggestions for finding ...


Can't remember the title of the book you've enjoyed reading? This is the place to ... Posts with vague or irrelevant titles will be removed - try again! Read the submission .... SOLVEDHelp finding a series of mystery/detective books in the 90s?