How to Be the Best Kisser
A good kiss has many elements to it. There should be a mutual attraction between two people. A good kiss should suspend time so that it feels as if it is only you and your partner in the world. You should feel a connection when you lock lips that will... More »
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Q: How to Kiss a Boy
A: 1 ***Get a connection*** Smile. Talk. Tell stories. Ask him questions. Look him in the eyes (even if he looks away, which he might). All this lets him know you'... Read More »
Q: How to Kiss a Boy
A: 1 Flirt . Smile a lot, make sure he knows you are into him. Do whatever you think will let him know that you're interested and are happy around him. Hopefully, ... Read More »
Q: How to Kiss a Boy
A: 1 Flirt him up. If you can master the art of subtle flirting, he might even kiss you (and think it was his idea in the first place!). Remember that flirting is ... Read More »
Q: How to kiss a boy.
A: Hello Maria. Well if you've ever seen people kiss in the movies or on TV, it is more or less the same thing. Just shut your eyes, tilt your head a little to the... Read More »
Q: How TO KISS a boy?
A: Why are you thinking about kissing boys? you sound very immature. Just because you "LIKE" a boy doesnt mean you have to KISS HIM!!! Respect yourself & focus on ... Read More »