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A metal detector is an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metal nearby. Metal .... However archaeologists oppose the use of metal detectors by " artifact seekers" or "site looters" whose activities disrupt archaeological sites.


May 7, 2013 ... These metal detecting tips for beginners are a great start as I show ... Use the right digging tools for the job and cover your holes appropriately.


Though a metal detector may seem simple to use, it is important for investors to learn all they can about the machine to get the greatest outcome. This guide ...

Mar 7, 2013 ... I will show you how to use a bounty hunter lone star metal detector.


The following is a description of the basic operating techniques for the metal detector. sweep your detector. Sweeping. The most basic detecting technique and ...


For a lot of folks, they hear the term 'metal detecting' and automatically imagine .... Use this guide to learn how to choose the best metal detector for your needs.


Get a metal detector manual for all current metal detectors that we offer at MetalDetector.com. Read all ... How to Use Metal Detectors to Find Meteorites · Others.


The Fast Tracker has eliminated the two most difficult aspects of detecting - ... only two operating knobs, you are on the Fast Track to finding buried treasure!


Sep 25, 2009 ... I brought my metal detector on our summer vacation—we drove from ... that we wanted a detector that would be easy for a 7-year-old to use, but ...


Metal detecting tips about metal detectors, equipment, where to go metal detecting, permission request ... Should I use headphones when I am metal detecting?