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How to Sell a Car if the Bank Has the Title - Autotrader


To ease a potential buyer's worry, accompany him or her to the bank where your car is financed and have an employee explain the situation. If the buyer is still ...

How to Sell a Financed Car: Payoff and Title - Banking/Loans


If you need to sell a car that you still owe money on, you'll need to pay off the loan during (or before) the sale to get a clear title.

How to Sell a Car when You are Still Financing | DoItYourself.com


Sometimes it may be necessary to sell a car that you don't own outright yet. While this can be challenging, it's possible to sell a car while it's still being financed.

Selling Your Car if You Owe Money on It - Cars.com


Apr 30, 2013 ... It's possible to sell a car even if you still have an outstanding loan balance on the vehicle. This just adds a step to the transaction: closing the ...

How To Sell Your Car When You Still Have Payments Left


Dec 2, 2015 ... Yes, it's possible to sell your car with payments left on the loan ... or the financing arms of car manufacturers (Toyota Motor Credit, for example).

How to Sell an Upside-down Car - daveramsey.com


Mar 6, 2013 ... And remember, if you do sell the car and take on a smaller loan, the ... I want to say we owe about 7000 more than what it's worth....is it still worth doing? ..... My local credit union, who the vehicle is financed through, will not ...

Can I sell my financed car before I finish making all my payments ...


Apr 20, 2007 ... Source(s): sell financed car finish making payments how: .... the responsibility will be yours as the car registration will still remain in your name.

How to Sell Your Car When You Still Owe Money on it - CarsDirect


Mar 7, 2012 ... This article will address how to sell your car even if you still own money ... the company that financed your purchase of the car in the first place.

How to Sell a Car When the Bank Has the Title - CarsDirect


Apr 6, 2012 ... If you are still making payments and want to sell your used car, the title almost surely lists the bank as the legal owner and you only as the ...

Options For When You Can No Longer Afford Your Car | Investopedia


This means that after a few months of owning the car, you may owe more than the current value. Imagine your car value has depreciated to $20,000 but you still ...

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Selling a car under finance- Car News | CarsGuide


Jul 6, 2015 ... Selling a financed car involves a juggling act aimed at keeping three ... A good car, with low kilometres, is still a bargain everybody wants.

Selling a Car with a Lien | DMV.org


If you have a lien on your vehicle, you can still sell it, but the process will be ... be paid to the financing company or other party to receive the title for the vehicle.

4 Financial Tips To Sell A Car With A Lien | Bankrate.com


Feb 19, 2013 ... Trying to sell a used car with a lien can be tricky. ... More likely there's a lien because the vehicle was financed and hasn't been paid off yet. .... BUT in the meantime the loan still has to be paid off, so how does the buyer pay off ...