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I have to disagree with Chris on this one...generally if your shaft is too weak, then the face is open at impact and you will tend to push the ball right and hit a fade or  ...


Jan 5, 2017 ... What happens when you use golf clubs with the wrong shaft flex? ... Bad things, my friends, bad things. ... to get more specific: What are some specific examples of the effects of using a ... If a golfer is using a shaft that is too stiff for his swing mechanics and ... The ball will possibly fly higher for any given loft.


custom golf clubs, golf ball flight patterns, dlance golf colorado, indoor ... Club path or swing direction has less than a 25% impact on initial direction of the ball ... Shafts are too soft or too light; Grips may be too small causing you to grip the ... flex of your requirement; Second, check length and lie angle and adjust if necessary ...


A guide to choosing the best shaft when buying a new or used golf club. ... the negative effects of using an flex that's not appropriate for your swing speed. A shaft that is too stiff will not flex to its full capability, which means a ... 8-iron, Stiff Flex (S) ... falls into, you can then refine your selection based on a desired ball flight.


I hit the ball ____ far therefore I should play a stiff flex. faster swing speeds ... Shaft flex is probably the most common component of club fitting. ..... I have tried TOO many iron sets and fell prey, with my 85mph swing speed ..... There was also no mention of shaft profile, which can have more effect than flex.


Slow tempo swing, always producing a very high ball flight with S300's and PX 6.0's. The mp 33's I bought have x100 SL's in them. ... Just wanted to see if there were other signs like with being too soft, like the .... May feel harsh at impact. ... From my experience, too stiff shafts in your irons will result in a ...


Feb 25, 2015 ... Too light or too heavy and the golfer struggles to maintain a consistent ... Yes, grip weight and head weight have an influence on total weight, but they aren't as important as the effect of the weight of the shaft. ... In the next segment in the series on club fitting, we will finish the ... What shaft flex should I use?


The shafts of your irons definitely can be too flexible. ... If your swing speed is fast -- pros blast the club through the hitting area at more than 100 ... It also will be hard to square the clubhead at impact, meaning you will have a ... Tempo, shaft length and ball flight count as well. ... How Do I Know If My Shaft Flex Is Too Firm ?


May 2, 2014 ... A shaft that is too soft of a flex for your swing can bend too much and not ... It is possible to hit the ball quite far this way, but you might have a hard time ... If you are looking for more consistent distance gaping between your irons, ... inputs and help guide you to a shaft that provides the ball flight you desire.


May 23, 2010 ... Bubba Watson shares his secrets to hitting the long ball. ... And don't stop there; get a light, properly fitted shaft, too. ... A custom-fit driver can easily give you 20 yards overnight; changing your swing can ... If I had it to do over, I would've just accepted my natural ball flight that day instead of wrestling with it.