In What Direction Do You Braid Hair for Extensions?
If you're doing a hair weave on yourself or someone else, one of the first steps is to braid down the natural hair so that you get it out of the way and you have a flat base on which to sew the hair tracks. Sometimes it doesn't matter which way you braid... More »
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Jan 19, 2010 ... Learn the basic beginning techniques for braiding (plaiting) hair. ... This definitely gave me a new way to braid. Or should I say a better way! What Direction Do You Braid Hair For Extensions&v=bM867KKdIbE
Nov 28, 2013 ... How I complete a single box braid weave extensions .... up with a way to blend the hair with the braid while you're in the process of installing the braid. .... Maybe you should do just a bit smaller parts for the amount of hair you ... What Direction Do You Braid Hair For Extensions&v=2ng_0sMOErk
Oct 14, 2012 ... How to prepare hair extensions for braiding .... Hi, I think you just have to try and grip tighter than you have usually do and see if it makes a ... What Direction Do You Braid Hair For Extensions&v=ql3OP5tqnVg
Jun 18, 2013 ... I want you to remember that there's always more than one way to install braids. ... Always do what's in the best interest for you and your hair ^_^ What Direction Do You Braid Hair For Extensions&v=nHe7Oc596vA
Feb 26, 2014 ... Thank you for watching & God bless my viewers! ... 2014 Healthy No Knots Box Braids On Short Hair, No Breakage, ... How to do box braids (Includes how do pull/stretch hair) - Duration: 7:52. by ComfortStyles 569,591 views ... Box Braids Step By Step Tutorial With Single Synthetic Hair Extensions Part 2 ... What Direction Do You Braid Hair For Extensions&v=4-XT-lgmVck
Jun 23, 2013 ... Be careful that when you braid your hair that it isn't to tight. .... and I really like your technique never tried it that way but I'm going to try it using your technique. ... Could you do how to add extensions to 2 strand flat twist also.

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Video : What else can you do with your hair extensions? ... I will explain how to do the braid, which will be going from the side, right-hand side, all the way across  ...

How to Prepare Your Natural Hair for Braids and Sew-In Extensions ...

May 24, 2015 ... Get Ready for your Sew-in Extensions! Sew-in hair extensions are a great way to add volume or length to your natural hair. However, there are ...

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Q: Should I bring the extension or do you provide the hair? ... Micro-Braids: These are tiny, single braids usually braided half-way and leaving the rest of the hair.

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Jun 30, 2014 ... My name is Breanna and I made a hair tutorial video series showing others how to french braid your own hair with weave extensions. ... if you know what you are doing, you want to be careful with the way that you handle the hair on your head. ... How To Do Cornrow French Braids Supplies Tutorial Part 1.

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Adding hair extensions can give you the longer, fuller hair you... ... If you're looking to add thickness, synthetic is a great way to go because it creates more ... The cornrow braid will serve as the "anchor" on which the extension will be sewn. Ad ...

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Oct 30, 2014 ... Learn how to master this natural looking protective hair extension style. ... She asked me to do this for her after work one day, and as part of my sisterly duties, ... The way you braid your hair will determine how the style will fall.

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You can do 5-6 large cornrows, or you ... If you are braiding bulky extensions, you ... Once you have secured one extension, repeat the same process all the way ...

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You can do box braids with either real, natural hair or extensions. If you plan ... Burning off the ends with a lighter or braid sealer is another way to seal the ends.