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Primary producers


Primary producers are organisms in an ecosystem that produce biomass from inorganic ... Fungi and other organisms that gain their biomass from oxidizing organic materials are called decomposers and ...

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Producers are organisms who make their own food.They include algae, plants, and even bacteria! Some obtain energy from sunlight, but deep down in the ...

Producer-decomposer co-dependency influences biodiversity effects.


Producers, such as plants and algae, acquire nutrients from inorganic sources that are supplied primarily by decomposers whereas decomposers, mostly fungi  ...

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Full Answer. Algae are fundamental to the marine food web, because consumers depend upon these photosynthetic organisms for energy in some way.

Trophic level


... image, and the algae and phytoplankton in the lake, are primary producers. They take nutrients from the soil or the water, and manufacture their own food by photosynthesis, using energy from the...

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It is a producer because it is a plant.

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it is a producer (not nerdy stough ).

Food Chain answers


ANSWERS: Organisms . . . . . Role in food chain. Human . . . . . CONSUMER. Deer . . . . . CONSUMER. Pine tree . . . . . PRODUCER. Bear . . . . . CONSUMER ...

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How do plants, algae and cyanobacteria make their own food? Why are there ... Organisms that consume producers are called primary consumers. Organisms ...

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Q: Is Algae a decomposer?
A: Algae is a producer. Read More »
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Q: Is algae a decomposer?
A: No, it's a producer. Read More »
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Q: Is algae a decomposers.
A: yes it is. Read More »
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Q: Is algae a decomposer.
A: It is a producer because it is a plant. Read More »
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Q: Is algae a decomposer?
A: Yes, algae is a decomposer. Anything else we can help you with? Read More »
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