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Primary producers are organisms in an ecosystem that produce biomass from inorganic ... Fungi and other organisms that gain their biomass from oxidizing organic materials are called decomposers and ...

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Jan 8, 2016 ... Producers are organisms who make their own food.They include algae, plants, and even bacteria! Some obtain energy from sunlight, but deep ...

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Most types of algae are classified as producers within an ecosystem because they are able to produce their own food. Any plant or organism that can produce its ...

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This means they produce their own energy, usually through photosynthesis. Like most producers, algae turn sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into glucose for...

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Are owls producers consumers or decomposers? Owls are ... Is a fly a consumer producer or a decomposer? ... algae is a producer because it is a sea plant.

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Jun 13, 2016 ... Alage are producers in the aquatic ecosystems.

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Decomposers are orgamisms (Usually bacteria, fungi or worms) that consume and break down dead and decaying organisms and wastes of other organisms.

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Here we show, by simultaneously manipulating producer (green algal) and decomposer (heterotrophic bacterial) diversity in freshwater microcosms, that algal ...

Producer–decomposer co-dependency influences biodiversity effects

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neously manipulating producer (green algal) and decomposer. (heterotrophic bacterial) diversity in freshwater microcosms, that algal biomass production varies ...

Producer-decomposer co-dependency influences biodiversity effects.


Feb 17, 2000 ... Producers, such as plants and algae, acquire nutrients from inorganic sources that are supplied primarily by decomposers whereas ...