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Bambi is a 1942 American animated drama film directed by David Hand produced by Walt ... Will Wright as Friend Owl; Faline, a female deer whom Bambi eventually falls in love with: Cammie King ... Th...

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Bambi is the protagonist of Disney's 1942 animated feature film of the same name and its... ... Ice-skating, forest fires, poachers, Ronno, Man's pets, his father's .... that they learn the lessons of life and fall in love with their female best friends, ...

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And although the 'i' ending in German names isn't exclusive to female names ( see Willi, Toni, Henri), 'Bambi' definitely sounds like a girl's ...

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Based on popular usage, it is 6.977 times more common for Bambi to be a girl's ... and some names are more strongly associated with either males or females.

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Here's the list and description of all the 'canon' characters of Bambi II. ... her son about the rules of their forest, of man, the meadow and allowing him .... Thumper and his mate, Miss Bunny (now Mrs Bunny), had four children who are all female.

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Videos. Bambi -- Bonus Clip: Twitterpated · Bambi -- Featurette: Character Decisions .... Girl Bunny / Quail Mother / Female Pheasant (voice) (uncredited).

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Answer (1 of 3): Bambi, the deer in the children's story, is male. However, 'Bambi' the name is also used as a girl's name.

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... is a baby girl name. Meaning. Italian Meaning: The name Bambi is an Italian baby name. In Italian the meaning of the name Bambi is: Little child; bambino.

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In one scene, Thumper pointed to a bunch of birds flying to tell Bambi what birds .... "Man" according to Bambi's father, caused the fire which ruined the forest.

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Description. Not the typical brown Bambi, but this white one is perfect for the winter. Color: White. Size: 26 cm. Composition: Fur. Article. Bambi male white. 1182- ...

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Derived from Italian bambina meaning "young girl". The American novelist Marjorie Benton Cooke used it in her novel 'Bambi' (1914). This was also the name of ...

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I know Bambi the cartoon deer was a male but still it just doesn't seem .... can mean Bambi-no (male baby) because in Italian there is a male and female of each ...

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Bambi, the title character from the Disney movie of the same name, is a young male deer. The original animated film was first released on August 13,...