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Roe deer (novels); White-tailed deer (films). Family. The Great Prince of the Forest (father); Unnamed mother (deceased). Spouse(s), Faline (mate). Children, Geno and Gurri (twins) Ferto. Bambi is t...

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Bambi is a boy, the young prince of the forest. At the end of the movie he has two fawns of his ... Bambi (book and movie character) · Deer ... Bambi was male.

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Bambi is the protagonist of Disney's 1942 animated feature film of the same name. ... Bambi's mother is killed by Man; though the young deer manages to escape ..... Explains why there's a female character in Diamonds Are Forever named ...

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Bambi, the title character from the Disney movie of the same name, is a young male deer. The original animated film was first released on August 13,...

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A quick educational article on how deer mature - I just wanted to write this quick article ... Males will leave their mothers after a year and females leave after two.

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Animation · The story of a young deer growing up in the forest. ... Bambi Poster. Trailer ..... Girl Bunny / Quail Mother / Female Pheasant (voice) (uncredited).

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Jul 4, 2016 ... Number of named female characters saved from peril by male characters: .... But in case you forgot, the story focuses on a deer named Bambi.

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He returns quickly though, to warn that Man is nearby, and the deer race off to the ... Thumper, and Flower are determined to have nothing to do with females.

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Does (female deer) weigh 145lbs. Bucks (male deer) weigh 170lbs. White-tailed refers to the underside of a deer's tail, which it displays and wags when it ...

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Dec 4, 2011 ... Bambi's mother, Aunt Ena, Faline and Gobo aren't the only deer .... over, it shows once again the segregation between male and female deer.

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Bambi: Derived from Italian bambina meaning "young girl". The American novelist Marjorie Benton Cooke used it in her novel 'Bambi' (1914). This was also the ...

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I know Bambi the cartoon deer was a male but still it just doesn't seem appropriate ... This is an incredibly embarrassing name, and I'm afraid a girl named Bambi ...

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why is the name usually with females, at least in the U.S? .... who will want to name their boy after a hornless deer? deers without antlers are ...