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Is graffiti good (yes) or bad (no)? | Debate.org


Talent should not be put down! For some people graffiti is the only thing that they are good at, and if they didn't have graffiti they would go into crime. In addition ...

Graffiti Can Actually Be A Good Thing For Cities | The Huffington Post


Nov 10, 2015 ... Captivating urban artwork shows how graffiti breathes life into communities.

Graffiti Is a Public Good, Even As It Challenges the Law - NYTimes ...


Jul 11, 2014 ... Lu Olivero is the director of Aerosol Carioca and the author of the forthcoming " Cidade Grafitada: A Journey Inside Rioʼs Graffiti Culture.".

Why is graffiti bad? | Reference.com


Graffiti is considered bad because it is associated with broken window theory and other kinds of street crime. Graffiti is associated with gang activity and tagging ...

Is urban graffiti a force for good or evil? | Cities | The Guardian


Jan 7, 2015 ... But this authoritative distinction between “good” and “badgraffiti does not have ... role within the urban environment actually be good for cities?

Is Graffiti Art? | BU Today | Boston University


Mar 2, 2009 ... It's all a question of degree, and there is good art, great art, and bad art. ... The freedom of graffiti, its ability to be anywhere and everywhere, ...

Can Graffiti Be Good For Cities? | Co.Design | business + design


Jan 27, 2014 ... Despite its bad rap as a sign of disorder—and criminal status—graffiti has become more than just a public nuisance. In some cases, it can be a ...

Graffiti good or bad? - HubPages


Jun 2, 2009 ... Before I go into discussion about graffiti, I would just like to point out that I will only be discussing the Graffiti art of 'bombing', not the other forms ...

YouGov | Graffiti – vandalism or acceptable street art?


Apr 5, 2012 ... “'Good' graffiti is art and can be enjoyed publicly. 'Bad' graffiti is a picture of a phallus or a simple scribble, swear words or a pointless and ...

Graffiti: street art or simply vandalism? | C'est Christine


Aug 29, 2011 ... Graffiti in street art alleyway ACDC Lane, Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne's ... Lyon had lots of good--but a fair bit of bad, which is unfortunate!