How to Find out If Your Car Has a Factory Warranty - CarsDirect

How do you know if the factory warranty still exists? Try these ... Make sure you find out exactly what is covered under your extended factory car warranty. Ask to  ...

Warranty Coverage: Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans | Chevrolet

Application of additional rust-inhibiting materials is not required under the ... After your New-Vehicle Limited Warranty expires, you may still have prorated ...

How to Check If My Car Is Under Warranty? | eHow

Tell the service representative that you want to find out if your vehicle is still under warranty. He should let you know when the vehicle was purchased and if any ...

How To Learn If Your Car Warranty Is Good |

Apr 5, 2013 ... The dealership keeps telling me the car is no longer under warranty, but I thought I was covered. How can I tell if my factory warranty is still in ...

How to Know if Your Car Is Under Warranty |

Aug 8, 2012 ... It can be tough to know if your car is under warranty or not, ... But for those wayward souls who shopped elsewhere, don't worry – we'll still help.

Vehicle Warranty | Service & Maintenance | Official Ford Owner Site

Sign in to your Ford account or select a vehicle to view your warranty information.

Buying a Car: Is the Factory Warranty Transferable? - Autotrader

We explain whether a car's factory warranty is fully transferable to a new owner. ... My Autotrader : ... In other words, if you buy a car and sell it to a new owner, the warranty will still remain valid for ... As a result, buying a used car with the remaining factory warranty should mean that you're covered under the same war...

GMC Owners | Warranty Coverage & Information -

You can view your vehicle's warranty status to see if it's still eligible for its ... under the Courtesy Transportation Program if your vehicle requires warranty repairs.

Manufacturer Car Warranty Expiration Chart - Years and Mileage

Shows the number of years and number of miles a car is covered under the original Basic Car Warranty and Power Train Warranty for all manufacturers.

How to Find Out if Your Car has a Factory Warranty -

Oct 7, 2013 ... If the auto warranty term hasn't ended you will still be able to make claims or repair the car for any damages. However, some factory warranties ...

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Q: How can I find out if my vehicle is still under factory warranty?
A: Check with the dealer, they should be able to tell Read More »
Q: Can you tell me if my vehicle is still covered under warranty and...
A: Dear Brake Drum Remover, I'm gonna tell you how to pull this drum off, ya ready?First off, get the rear of the vehicle up in the air safely, Then pull the rear ... Read More »
Q: How Do I Check to See If My Vehicle Is Under Warranty?
A: Go to your local dealership and ask them to pull up your warranty information. You can even call or send them an email with your VIN number to have them look up... Read More »
Q: Can I take my certified vehicle to a different dealer and still b...
A: Yes you can take your car in for any type of warranty repair to ANY dealership. The problem is, if they don't fix it properly or give you poor service and you w... Read More »
Q: My car is still under warranty but I lost the papers, how do I ge...
A: I had a four year warranty on my vehicle and when I moved somehow the papers were lost. Now I need repairs that are still under warranty but how do I get the re... Read More »