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How to Substitute for Tuna in the 3 Day Diet
The 3 day diet has become a popular way to lose weight quickly. Some people claim to lose up to ten pounds in a few days. Even though the 3 day diet has become very popular for weight loss, many people find they cannot stomach the tuna.... More »
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Military Diet Food Substitutions | The Military Diet


The following substitution list for all the foods on the Military Diet can be used to create a ... Almonds have way more calories for their size than tuna. ... If you can't make it through the day without your energy drinks, sugar Free Red Bull also ...

Is There a Substitute for Tuna in the 3-Day Diet? - Free Online Diets


Some suggest that the answer to whether or not there a substitute for tuna in the 3 day diet is a resounding "Yes!" since there is no scientific backing for the claim  ...

Food Substitutes For The 3 Day Military Diet


Alternative and substitute food items for each day of the 3 day military diet ... Either way, since the 3 day military diet is only three days, you can easily experiment and see which foods work for you. If you don't succeed the ... Tuna Substitutions:

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Dec 3, 2013 ... And because the diet is three days on and four days off, it won't slow ... As with all our diets, for most people there are always a few food ... Other substitutes for tuna include cottage cheese, chicken, tofu, almonds or peanuts.

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Luckily there are many substitutes that can be made throughout the Military Diet, so regardless of your dietary needs; you can ... 3 Day Diet Tuna replacement.

Military Diet Substitutions - Military Diet


3 Days only with simple rules to Extreme Results! ... 0.2.1 Coffee; 0.2.2 Grapefruit; 0.2.3 Peanut Butter; 0.2.4 Tuna; 0.2.5 Meat; 0.2.6 Eggs ... However, there are very few alternatives that can replace the amazing effects this citrus fruit provides.

Substitutions for the 3 Day Military Diet


Below is a list of all the foods you can use for substitutions for the 3 day ... There are some rare exceptions for those of us that have dietary limitations. There ... Military Diet Substitutions for Tuna or Salmon: Substitutions for 3 Day Military Diet 5.

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Nov 10, 2016 ... A canned tuna substitute for Day 1 would be 2-3 ounces of boneless ... There are three different occasions throughout the Military diet plan ...

How to Substitute for Tuna in the 3 Day Diet | eHow


Substitute Swanson Premium Chunk Chicken Breast White Meat in the can for tuna in the 3 day diet. There is very low fat content, but it's still a little higher than ...