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The rite used would be the same as that denomination's rite for adults, i.e., ... It is a naval tradition to baptise children using the ship's bell as a baptismal font and ...

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May 14, 2007 ... Christening is the giving of a Christian name at the time of baptism. The terms "to be baptised" and "to be christened" have the same meaning ...

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What's the difference between Baptism and Christening? Even though the words baptism and christening are used interchangeably, there is a subtle difference.

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Most people use the words "Baptism" and "Christening" interchangeably. This is OK in the sense that the connotations mean basically the same thing. However ...

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Most Christian churches use the terms Baptism and Christening as having the same meaning and there is no difference in ceremony for either. It is very ...

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Considered synonymous by some people, baptism and christening are anything but the same, according to the Holy Bible (Matthew 28:19), where christening is ...

Why is the Roman Catholic infant baptism called "christening"?


Feb 22, 2014 ... So the baptism/christening ceremony also had the idea of ... word (christening) that mean basically the same thing), and therefore that this is ...

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They are the same, although usually Christening is used when a baby is baptised , but not an adult, then it is always a baptism. The oil thing is ...

The difference between Baptisms vs. Christenings & Dedications

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The Baptismal, Christening and Dedication ceremonies which are preformed in ... responsibilities, rituals and traditions, the intent of the believers is the same!

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Jul 23, 2013 ... What is the difference between a baptism and a christening? ... have no fewer than three godparents, at least two of the same sex as the child.

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Q: Is Baptism the same as Christening?
A: Yes. The word ‘Christen’ means to admit some one as a Christian in baptism. Traditionally people tend to associate Christening with the baptism of infants. Read More »
Source: www.churchinwales.org.uk
Q: Is baptism the same as Christening?
A: Yes, the same. Christening is a popular term used by many people but the church usually uses the word baptism which comes from the Greek word meaning to dip or ... Read More »
Source: www.scarborough.perth.anglican.org
Q: Is Baptism the same as Christening?
A: Yes. Baptism is the word Jesus uses, and which we therefore prefer. He was baptised himself. “Christening” as a name came along a lot later and picks up the asp... Read More »
Source: www.astonnechellscofe.org.uk
Q: Are baptism and christening the same?
A: Yes, they are the same thing. However there are slight differences. A baptism (derived from the Latin for a ceremonial washing) is generally the acceptance of a... Read More »
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Q: Is baptism and christening the same thing?
A: There is no difference between a baptism and christening. They are just dif... Read More »
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