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Is a notarized document legally binding? | Reference.com


The act of notarization doesn't make a document legally binding, and it simply certifies that the individuals who sign a document are who they purport to be, ...

Is a notarized document legally binding? Why or why not? - Quora


Whether or not a document is notarized has very little to do with whether or not it's “legally binding.” All that a notary does is certify that the ...

Does getting something notarized make it a legal document /contract


If someone agrees to give you a set amount money for a set amount of ... Yes, if the paper shows the parties to the contract, the amount and terms, ...

Does a signed, notarized custody agreement need - Q&A - Avvo


In short, the agreement is not enforceable by a court. A signed and notarized agreement, if drafted properly, is enforceable as a contract ...

Notarized means legal, binding, true: NO! San Diego Notary


Jun 24, 2015 ... San Diego Notary Public does not verify the legal status of a document, or agreement. It is not binding, or true if notarized. We only verify ...

Executing a Will - Make it Legally Binding | Nolo.com


Executing a will is the technical term for signing a will and making it legally binding. ... No state requires you to have your will notarized, although there is an ... Put your initials on each page of the document, and then ask your witnesses to do ...

Is a notarized child support agreement legally binding? - Avvo.com


We have a notarized agreement but there is not a court ordered agreement as of yet. Can this count as a legal agreement and income on a ...

Can a notary make a document 'legal'? « Your Virginia Hometown ...


Jun 4, 2011 ... This notarization says that the person who signed the document is either ... agreement between two people can be considered legally binding ...

Contract law - does a contract have to be notarized?


A contract typically does not have to be notarized. A notary public (or simply ' notary') provides an acknowledgment that the signature appearing on the document ...

What Makes a Document Legally Binding? | eHow


**If a contract isn't written properly, it isn't legally binding.** It has to include the right ... Will a Notarized Document Hold Up in Court? The act of notarizing a ...

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Do notarized documents hold up in court? | Reference.com


According to Notary Wise, having a document notarized does not necessarily make it true or legal. Ultimately, a court-appointed judge must make that decision.

Legal if notarized - Notary Supplies


Apr 4, 2016 ... If you want a legally binding document to hold up in court then you must contact a lawyer and not a notary.

Is a notarized letter a legal document to grant - Q&A - Avvo


Can a family member legally keep you from seeing or bringing your ... A notorized letter has no particular custody rights significance. The court ...