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The thumb is the first digit of the hand. When a person is standing in ...

Is a thumb a finger? - Oxford Dictionaries


The OxfordDictionaries.com definition for finger is as follows: 'each of the four slender jointed parts attached to either hand (or five, if the thumb is included)'.

Would you say thumb is a finger? | Debate.org


Nov 21, 2014 ... Just because the thumb opposes to the other 4 digits and has 2 phalanges instead of like the other fingers that have 3, doesn't mean that it isn't ...

Is your thumb a finger? | Yahoo Answers


Apr 23, 2009 ... is a thumb a finger, pinkey? ... Notice that your thumb moves differently than your fingers, and has one fewer .... come on really "finger all day".

Origins and Evolution of Human Language: Opposable Thumb


The evolution of the opposable or prehensile thumb is usually associated with ... This "thumb" is not really a finger (like the human thumb is), but an extra-long ...

Thumb–and–finger Rule - Merriam-Webster

www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/thumb–and–finger rule

Define thumb–and–finger rule: either of two statements in electromagnetism: when the fingers of the right hand are…thumb–and–finger rule in a sentence. ... learn some new vocabulary. (It's quite safe, really. You will not die.) Take the quiz .

Is your thumb a finger - Answers.com


"Finger" can mean any of the four digits besides the thumb OR any digit including the thumb. It is up to the ... Actually, it is still considered part of the phalanges.

If Kidnappers Chop Off One Of Your Fingers, Here's Which Finger ...


Sep 14, 2013 ... The pinky is actually incredibly important, and it's a keeper. ... You use the thumb, the index and the middle fingers in order to hold a spoon, ...

How many fingers do you have? | WordReference Forums


Oct 28, 2005 ... In English, we have 10 toes, 8 fingers and 2 thumbs. ... ten fingers, and ten toes... only if people want to get really specific do they say 8 fingers and 2 thumbs. .... fingers am I holding up" and to have the person count the thumb!

Yes, a woman grew back her pinkie, but think ― why is it called a ...


Sep 10, 2010 ... Why is the most diminutive digit on your hand not called a finger? ... Thumb goes all the way back to the ancient root tum-, “to swell,” or “stout.” ... (Not a joke–right- handed wedding ring wearing in France really is called that.).

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Why isn't the thumb considered a finger? - Quora


The thumb is not referred to as a "thumb finger". And yet, if the doctor ... Finger and thumb. The English ... Do Germans actually indicate “three of…” by holding up ...

grammaticality - Is a thumb also a finger? - English Language ...


Dec 22, 2010 ... Or is the thumb a "special" type of finger and so it is acceptable to treat it ... may consider it awkward, since there is really nothing special about ...

Is the thumb a finger? - Ask.com


Anatomically, the thumb is a finger. Colloquially, "finger" usually refers to one of of the other four appendages of the hand that is not the...