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The combination of alleles carried by an individual is its genotype. ... True- breeding round peas would have two copies of the R allele and a genotype of RR.



The expected numbers of different genotypes produced by a particular cross. Example: 1 RR, 2 Rr, and 1 rr individuals could result from a cross of two Rr ...

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Mar 27, 2013 ... Genotype is the genes that we have and phenotype is the trait those genes ... So in terms of our red flower gene, our flower can be RR, Rr or rr.

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o'clock has the genotype rr. So, this cross is RR × rr. The F1 offspring will therefore all be Rr, all pink. The F2 offspring (cross is Rr × Rr) will be ¼ RR, red; ½ Rr, ...

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Jan 9, 2014 ... What cross would you make to determine if it has genotype RR or Rr? Explain how the results of your cross would enable you to determine the ...

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The rr genotype doesn't produce any red pigment, so it is a white flower. So, how do we get a pink hybrid from the genotype Rr? What happens is that the R ...

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Dec 11, 2005 ... I'm confused about phenotype and genotype ratio after you do a ... for example, after the cross, I have RR Rr Rr rr, the genotype is 1:2:1 and the ...

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pea plant appears purple in color (its phenotype is purple), its genotype ... Again, Mendel crossed a pure breeding round seeded variety (RR) with a pure ...

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Our pea plant that produces only round seeds has a genotype or genetic constitution dictating seed shape that we denote as RR (it really doesn't matter what ...

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When we express the genotype of a characteristic we state the pair of alleles. ..... D. rr x rr. 9. In the cross Yy x Yy, what percent of offspring would have the same ...

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Is RR genotype or phenotype? It's a genotype. The phenotype is a physical manifestation of the genotype, which means that it's what happens on the outside  ...

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genotype = the genes of an organism; for one specific trait we use two letters to ... if that organism's genotype is homozygous recessive (two little letters, like "rr").

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... 2 dominant or 2 recessive genes (e.g. RR or rr); also called pure; Heterozygous genotype - gene combination of one dominant & one recessive allele (e.g. Rr); ...