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The history of the Internet begins with the development of electronic computers in the 1950s. ... In 1982, the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) was introduced as the standard networking .... He bega...

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Dec 18, 2013 ... Originally funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, ARPANET used ... Cerf developed Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol, ...

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However, in 1991 the Internet changed again. That year, a computer programmer in Switzerland named Tim Berners-Lee introduced the World Wide Web: an ...

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Information about who invented the Internet and the people behind the ... The Internet as we know it today first started being developed in the late 1960's in ...

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a software program. (C). the part of the Internet that enables information-sharing via interconnected pages ... 3. The Internet was originally developed by whom?

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The idea of open-architecture networking was first introduced by Kahn shortly ... of INWG members who were heavily represented at the Sussex Conference.

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Aug 23, 2016 ... Who was the first to use the Internet? ... Al Gore was not yet in Congress in 1969 when ARPANET started or in 1974 when the term Internet first ...

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Jul 27, 2012 ... Recent op-eds have technology experts stirred up about who was the ... and implementation started in 1975 at Stanford, BBN and University ...

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... by Tim Berners-Lee in the 1990s. However, the general idea behind the Internet was already in use. ... Who invented the Internet? ... A: The Internet was developed during a period of time, but its beginning was in the 1960s. It began with the ...

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Sep 24, 2014 ... the genesis of the internet itself was a group effort by numerous individuals, .... around (which was developed by many of those who previously worked on Mosaic). .... Originally, this term didn't mean the World Wide Web.