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Doctor Octopus


Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius), also known as Doc Ock and the Superior Spider- Man, is a ... But I had to figure out how to do that. ... Mary Octavius would defend her son from Torbert's tirades,...

Where Do You Rank Love Actually in the Rom-com Canon? - Vulture


Nov 14, 2013 ... Vulture Asks: Where Do You Rank Love Actually in the Rom-com Canon? ... than just a holiday staple; it's also in the romantic comedy canon.

25 Best Romantic Comedies From the Past 25 Years -- Vulture


Feb 11, 2015 ... It wasn't just a romantic comedy, it was a rom-com. ... In part, this was because there was no way to do justice to all the great films coming out of ... How to Get Away With Murder Season Premiere Recap: Good People ... 9/23/2016 at 5:53 p.m. Tom Ford Would Never Ask Jake Gyllenhaal to Shave His Chest.

A Ranking of All 169 Seinfeld Episodes -- Vulture


Jun 24, 2015 ... At long last, you can clear all those syndicated Seinfeld episodes off your DVR. ... gift of $182 cash to Elaine — but this brief rom-com digression (which includes ... Jerry dates a woman who has the surname "Chang" but isn't actually Chinese, which ... Elaine says when Jerry says he "loves Chinese w...

'Love, Rosie' Review: Lily Collins and Sam Claflin Give Moviegoers ...


A misguided attempt to spin a nightmare scenario into a cutesy rom-com .... Please actually do your research before putting words out there onto the internet. ... You'll Love This WebsiteLA Times | Curiosity Stream ... She has also written about film and television for The Atlantic, the Chicago Tribune, Salon, and Vulture .

What the Hell Happened to Hilary Swank? | Lebeau's le Blog


May 31, 2013 ... Readers Rank… ... She had a roll of quarters, and she would just call agents, “My daughter ..... supposed to, she's easy to sympathize with so what else can I ask for? .... in what will almost assuredly be a disappointing sequel to rom-com ..... But P.S. I Love You was actually very profitable, which is why they ...

Robert Kirkman explains the one Walking Dead TV character he ...


Oct 16, 2015 ... Turns out, Kirkman has fallen in love with Carol (Melissa McBride), and ... Kirkman was asked about the laundry list of characters they've axed over the past several seasons. He pointed to the divergences from the comic canon and noted that one ... Do you agree with Kirkman's assessment? (Via Vulture) ...

Birds | Reference.com


For instance, chickadees can eat around 30 to 35 percent of their body weight ... According to About.com, cooked rice given to birds should be soft and free from ...

Wookieepedia - Wikia


Star Wars movies, characters, and spin-offs are catalogued in Wookieepedia, a comprehensive database that anyone can edit.

'Guardians of the Galaxy': Meet Star-Lord's Dad, Ego - The Wrap


Kurt Russell will play a sentient planet in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. ... Drax asks if this human avatar is — ahem — anatomically correct. ... Well, for starters, he's a villain who's main association in the Marvel canon isn't with .... in "X-Men Apocalypse" bringing the cameo count to 25, we're rankin...

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What Did Critics Think of Love Actually in 2003? -- Vulture


Nov 14, 2013 ... Hated It, Actually: What Critics Thought of Love Actually in 2003 .... Vulture Asks: Where Do You Rank Love Actually in the Rom-com Canon?

Rom-Com King Richard Curtis Is a 'Fool for Love' -- Vulture


Oct 30, 2013 ... Richard Curtis on About Time, Love Actually, and Being a 'Fool for Love' ... Did About Time exist before you had heard the song or was it kind of a ... with Ben Folds Five, and I went to see him and asked him if it would be okay.

Hollywood's Current Hierarchy (According to Vulture) - Blog - The ...


Jul 26, 2012 ... I love their little quip on Angelina's erratic filmography. ... Rachel McAdams is much too high if you ask me given her non-flashy career. ... The internet actually can't kill mainstream stars, even when it tries) ... drama (Rachel) to romantic comedy (Bride Wars, Valentine's Day) to .... How is he ranking t...