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Gold and silver watch cases submitted for hallmarking at a British assay office had ... became the zodiac symbol Leo on a crossed back ground in an oval shield. .... Marks such as "Fine silver", 800, or 875 could also indicate a Swiss origin, and ...


Solid-gold means the case is gold all the way through. ... Most solid-gold watch cases sold in the USA were 10K - 14K (41.6% and ...


This measurement is based on parts per 24; so 14k gold is actually 14/24ths .... 10, 20, or 25 years** on gold filled watches covered in 1/20th, usually 12K* gold,  ...


Apr 5, 2012 ... In a perfect world, all gold jewelry is marked with a big, bright 14K stamp. ... gold); 585 (14k, means 58.5% gold); 750 (18K, means 75% gold); 917 ...... I have a Hamiliton watch with 14K Gold B&A 829076 stamped on the back.


Find great deals on eBay for Bulova Solid 14k Gold Watch in Wristwatches. Shop with ... Bulova's 30 Jewel automatic watch is the definition of exquisite. ... WRIST WATCH. STAMPED 14 K T4 BULOVA QUARTZ ON BACK AND 14K ON BAND.


Just picked up a nice looking vintage Longines-Wittnauer watch on the ... sold as a "solid 14K" watch however there is some brassing on the back and a small chip inside so...it can't be "solid 14k". ... On the solid gold Bulova Accutrons it says " 14K Gold Case" for instance. .... I am not sure what that means.


Sep 2, 2002 ... A deviation in one part may mean another part must be moved or changed. ... especially around the pendant, on the bow or on the bottom edge. ... Likewise, there are many solid gold cases that are not marked "14K" at all.


The numbers on the back are: 15.62.247. ... On the average watch, the gold case will be marked as "14K" "18K", ... like "14K Bezel case metal" meaning that the top piece is actually gold but the rest is steel or plated brass.


Aug 19, 2014 ... You will also see 10K, 14K particularly on gold cases made in the US. ... A good tip is to spot if the watch case has a gold colour back the ... You will often see the designations 10KGF, or 14KGF which means 10K gold filled.