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Child's Wishes for Custodial Parent is Currently Up to Judge's Discretion. Currently there is no specific age where the Court will consider the wishes of a child in ...

Can a child ever choose which parent she wants to live with?


There seems to be a misconception among parents that there is a “magical age” ( usually 12, 13, or 14) at which a child canchoose” one custodial arrangement ...

Child's Preference in Custody | How and When is the Choice Made?


Nov 14, 2013 ... A child's preference in custody for children age 14 and older ... More family law judges are choosing a direct approach and hearing ... The parents will almost certainly not question the child if they are represented by a lawyer.

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I am divorced 5 years, sharing joint legal/physical custody (no child ... The court will usually consider the childs wishes around 14 or if there is a ...

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Unfortunately, the law regarding a child's 'right'* to choose which parent to live ... to a child's declaration of custodial preference when the child reaches the age ...

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Children of any age cannot chose a custodial parent; instead a judge makes the decision to whom to award joint or sole custody, according to the Oregon courts.

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In all custody cases in which the child has reached the age of 14 years, the child shall have ... and Resources Child Custody & Visitation Does a Child Have the Right to Elect the Parent They Want. .... Custodial Smoking ... Choose a County!

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Jun 3, 2011 ... Many parents tell me their child will be 12 years old, 13 years old, ... Depending on the jurisdiction in which you live, the age of your child may matter ..... son with him and we have joint custody with him as the custodial parent.

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The Legal Age in California for Choosing to Live With Your Mom or Your Dad ... When Can a Child Decide to Live With the Other Divorced Parent by Washington  ...

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Myths abound in divorce court, but one of the most damaging is the notion that when a child reaches the age of 14, it is the child who can decide which parent to  ...