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An airbag is a type of vehicle safety device and is an occupant restraint system. The airbag module is designed to inflate extremely rapidly then quickly deflate ...

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Airbags are passive restraints that activate when a vehicle gets into an accident. Unlike traditional seat belts, which only work if the driver or passenger buckles ...

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Nov 16, 2012 ... A video where we are showing car airbag crash!! ... The Shocking Truth About Front Airbags & Car Accident Injuries - Duration: 2:45.

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About 15 to 20 milliseconds after the collision occurs the crash sensors decide whether or not the collison is serious enough to inflate the airbag (usually 6 - 10 ...

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Airbags defined. Make use of our comprehensive automotive glossary to learn the meaning behind Airbags.

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Let's call it “engineered violence.” Airbags may seem soft and cuddly as long as they're packed away in your steering wheel, dashboard, seats, or pillars, but ...

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Aug 24, 2016 ... A simple explanation of how a sudden explosion of gas triggers a car's airbags to inflate during a crash.

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Side-impact air bags (SABs) are inflatable devices that are designed to help protect your head and/or chest in the event of a serious crash involving the side of ...

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Frontal air bags are generally designed to deploy in "moderate to severe" frontal or near-frontal crashes, which are defined as crashes that are equivalent to ...

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When an accident occurs, airbags inflate faster than you can blink your eye. Airbags are key components in automotive safety systems, and, although we cannot ...

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Airbags are an important safety system but, they are usually not visible. The driver side airbag is located in the center of the steering wheel and the passenger ...

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The goal of an airbag is to slow the passenger's forward motion as evenly as possible in a fraction of a second. There are three parts to an airbag that help to ...