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Conifer cone


A cone is an organ on plants in the division Pinophyta (conifers) that contains the reproductive ... After ripening, the opening of non-serotinous pine cones is associated with their moisture .... F...

What is a baby tree called? | Reference.com


A baby tree is called an infant, just like a baby human. During this phase, the trees are very thin and small, and though many grow on their own, human ...

Baby Pine Tree Repotting | Home Guides | SF Gate


While spring is ideal, you can repot baby pine trees any time. When a young pine tree (Pinus spp.) needs a bigger pot, it will let you know -- but you have to pick ...

3 Ways to Grow Pine Trees - wikiHow


Pine trees are evergreen trees that come in many varieties. Young pines ... Storing seeds in this way to mimic ideal seasonal conditions is called stratification.

Pine, Fir or Spruce Tree? | News


Nov 14, 2005 ... Spruce and fir trees have their needles attached individually to the ... All conifers produce cones, which are incorrectly called pinecones since ...

Pine aphids


Mar 16, 1998 ... They are baby spiders with long legs and group together in bunches on the twigs. ... These aphids are a type of aphid which infests pine trees and ... from the aphids' perspective, they excrete a sugary syrup, called honeydew.

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CLUE: These trees are called CONIFERS (cone-bearing) and most are EVERGREEN (trees with needles or leaves that remain alive and on the tree through the ...

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Find great deals on eBay for Pine Tree in Evergreen Trees. ... All Categories, Antiques, Art, Baby, Books, Business & Industrial, Cameras & Photo, Cell Phones & ... Eastern White Pine Tree Seeds, Pinus strobus, Fast Growing .... Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), also called western yellow pine, is one of the most widely ...

Help! Dying Baby Pine Tree! | Useful Tips & Tricks | Fun Trivia Forums


Jun 11, 2008 ... Does anyone know how to stop a baby pine tree (approx. ... There is an infection called 'Brown-spot disease' and I think it is like a fungus.

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Learn more about Pine Trees and the many types. ... When I first called for a consultation for trees on my property I was most impressed with the professionalism ...

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Baby pine trees are susceptible to dehydration and sunburn, so make a screen from plywood board and shade your tree from the afternoon sun on the west side.

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They're called conifers because they had pine cones, from the Latin words " conus" meaning ... Inside the pine cones were seeds to make little pine tree babies.

Pine Cones


In common with other members of the class Gymnospermae, pine trees have no ... These "male cones" are properly called microsporangiate strobili, which is not  ...