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I may refer to the value of 10 karat. Karat is old measure for gold. If you divide the karat number by 24, you will get the percentage of pure gold in the ...


A vast majority of class rings are 10K gold, or 41.3% pure. Class rings are rarely gold filled or plated. The stones usually have little or no value. The weight of ...


Well the answer is that as long as the class ring is made out of gold, the pawn shop will be able to turn around and melt the ring down to get the scrap value of ...


I have a typical American mens 10k gold high school class ring from the 80's that's been ... With Gold at $1600, 7.5 grams is worth about $387.


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I feel a little silly asking this question. Over the years I've found my share of rings but never a high school class ring. So this afternoon I dig up.


Nov 22, 2004 ... That's right, the prices of class rings, a symbol of school affiliation ... some students and parents wonder whether the keepsake is worth the cost.


The value of a class ring is determined by the metal used to make it. Many class rings are made of gold, silver or...


Jun 10, 2013 ... They found that such venues pay far less than the gold is worth. “They're just ... Example: you have two old 10K class rings you no longer want.