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This article itemizes the various lists of mathematics topics. Some of these lists link to hundreds ... Many mathematics journals ask authors of research papers and expository articles to list subje...

What are currently the most interesting topics to research in ... - Quora


Jul 8, 2010 ... There are at least a dozen broad areas of active research, each of which ... What are the most interesting mathematical topics (accessible to ...

What is the most active research area in mathematics? - Quora


Mathematics is quite possibly the oldest and most well-developed human .... and a list of every possibly interesting research topic would be infinitely long. .... What are currently the most interesting research areas in applied mathematics?

Which is the most interesting topic in Math for you? - Function Space


Number theory is interesting because using very basic and obvious results on ... spaces and topological spaces are most interesting topics in mathematics as ... It involves mathematical research in areas of science where computing plays a ...

Quantitatively speaking, which subject area in mathematics is ...


Jan 5, 2010 ... ... which subject area in mathematics is currently the most research active? ... since the edited question is rather different (and less interesting). .... it used, so it is not obvious to a human which subjects are the most popular.

Interesting topics to research in mathematical physics for ...


Jan 31, 2012 ... Interesting topics to research in mathematical physics for undergraduates ... is not known for most nonlinear equations, not even numerically.

Can anyone suggest any interesting research area in Applied ...


Can anyone suggest any interesting research area in Applied Mathematics in ... I am currently considering topics in Mathematical Economics for selection for my .... For me, the most beautiful "star" field in Mathematical Economics is Revenue ...

Mathematical Research Topics - Mathematical & Computer Sciences


Sep 21, 2011 ... There are currently 90 academic members of staff and 20 or so ... Research activities in Applied Mathematics cover a wide range of topics, many ... on a variety of topics, most recently generalised geometry and D-branes.

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Are mathematicians of our generation only left with research topics in super specialized sub-fields ? ... I am currently a honours student and would be starting a PHD next year. ... Ask yourself which course do you find most interesting? That will ...

Research topics in combinatorics - Mathematics Stack Exchange


Apr 23, 2013 ... I am currently a masters student in mathematics. ... they are having a slightly difficult time coming up with good research topics for me to look at.

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What are currently the most interesting research areas in applied ...


What is "most interesting" is, by definition, in the eye of the beholder. ... and the topics covered in papers that are published in applied mathematics journals.

What is the most exciting new research in mathematics? - Quora


Every year at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, there is also a 'current events' ... What are the most exciting and active topics of research within earth science?

Undergraduate Research Ideas | Department of Mathematics


Some of our faculty have listed ideas for undergraduate research work. ... If one of the areas sounds interesting to you, contact the faculty member to discuss the topic and your .... Another direction to explore is the theory of direct current electric circuits ... Most of the time spent in courses on ODEs, like Math 217, is devoted t...