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Nov 13, 2013 ... Many pageants are now requiring contestants to perform a talent on ... (Read: Would a Hip-Hop Dance Routine be Good for Pageant Talent?)


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Jan 12, 2013 ... We all know that the talent portion of a beauty pageant has to be there so its ... Baton twirling is all good and fun, but what about rifle twirling?


In the half a century since, the talent competition has been a popular part of the pageant industry. While beauty pageants like Miss USA don't include a talent ...


Clogging to "Sweet Home Alabama." Juggling apples and oranges. Karate kicks. With a little creativity and a good attitude, the talent portion of a beauty pageant ...


Here are some recent unusual talents that fared well. ... pianist, I've been overwhelmed by a wonderful singer, and I've been brought to tears by a good actress.


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Through many of our “Top 10” articles, we at TPP have gotten many great suggestions for new articles. Many suggestions are given, but only few come to be a ...


The good news is that pageant talents are getting more unique, even if judges don't always reward thinking out of the box. The bottom line is that in many syste.


We here at The Pageant Planet reached out to you to find the very best of the best when it comes to a talent coach. After a count of all the submissions, we ...