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any of a class of compounds containing chemically combined water. In the case of some hydrates, as washing soda, Na2CO3⋅10H2O, the water is loosely held and is easily lost on heating; in others, as sulfuric acid, SO3⋅H2O, or H2SO4, it is strongly held as water of constitution.
to combine chemically with water.
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In chemistry, a hydrate is a substance that contains water or its constituent elements. The chemical state of the water varies widely between different classes of ...

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Hydrates are substances that include water in their formula. The water is not actually part of the chemical substance and this is reflected in the way the formula is ...

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Hydrate, any compound containing water in the form of H2O molecules, usually, but not always, with a definite content of water by weight. The best-known ...

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Jan 13, 2015 ... Learn the definition of a hydrate and an anhydrate in this lesson. Discover how, when given experimental data, you can determine the formula ...

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Feb 1, 2016 ... A hydrate is a compound that absorbs water molecules. There are several types of hydrates. Gas hydrates may become a very useful energy ...

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Chemistry 11. Santa Monica College. Properties of Hydrates. Objectives. • Identification of hydrates in a group of compounds. • Investigation of the properties of ...

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Hydrates, i.e. crystal forms containing water as integral part of the crystal lattice, are frequent and well recognised. Of the total of 596 810 crystal structures filed in  ...

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Learn more about naming hydrates in the Boundless open textbook.

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