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An International Edition textbook is simply the international counterpart to a US Edition.


Looking for cheap textbooks? Consider international editions � textbooks that have been published outside the US. These books are usually significantly ...


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An international edition is a textbook that have been published outside the US. These books are usually significantly cheaper than textbooks published in the US  ...


Apr 20, 2011 ... If you've done any searching for cheap textbooks, you've probably come across international editions as an option. A lot of people are confused ...


Information on international edition textbooks, including what they are, where to locate them, and legality of purchasing international editions.


Because textbook publishers sell their books worldwide international editions are the textbooks that has been published outside the US. These textbooks are ...


Most of the textbooks I used during my undergraduate studies (outside ... International editions are cheaper. They are sold cheaper, in English ...


Oct 21, 2003 ... American college students find that their textbooks cost far less ... ''The only difference is that they say 'international edition' in little print on the ...


Learn more about International edition textbooks and books for sale and rules concerning use in the U.S..