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The name hannya (般若) is a Sino-Japanese word for prajna or wisdom. One tradition states that this name was given to this mask because it was the name of  ...

Pitt Rivers Museum - Japanese Noh masks


1884.114.34In Japan masks belong to a highly developed theatrical tradition. ... context, so a broad-brimmed hat made of bamboo would suggest country life.

Japanese Masks: Hannya - Old Japan


The Hannya is one of the most visually stunning, and perhaps the most frightening of Japanese Masks. With horns, bulging eyes, and the occasional set of sharp ...

Masks - Japanese Theatre and Music


The Japanese masks are made out of materials such as clay, dry lacquer, ... likely influenced by bugaku and gigaku masks to form the unique Japanese design.

Noh Mask Introduction - Noh Masks


We are showing traditional Japanese Noh Masks (Noumen), Devil (Oni) Masks, Kyogen Masks. We have been carving the over 220 historical character masks ...

Why do Japanese people wear surgical masks? It's ... - Japan Today


Feb 23, 2014 ... The introduction of these cheap, easier-to-use masks also made it more practical to wear one in order to prevent getting sick in the first place.

Introducing the world of Noh : Noh Masks. history and Types.


Japanese only ... There were originally about 60 basic types of noh masks, but today there are well over 200 different ... As it is often difficult to tell the actual feelings expressed in a noh mask, it is said to be made with a “neutral” expression.

14 Japanese Masks - Japan Talk


Feb 7, 2015 ... In urban areas, people wear medical masks at the first sign of cedar allergies or a cold. Ostensibly this is all for practical reasons. People will ...

Traditional Japanese Noh Masks


There are nearly 80 different and distinct characters depicted by the masks used by traditional Japanese Noh performers. Our workshop provides collectors with ...

Japanese Masks - artelino


Masks are an essential part of the Japanese noh theater whilst the actors of the Japanese kabuki theater perform without masks. But there is one exception.

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A: They could be made of clay, dry lacquer, cloth, paper and/or wood. Read More »
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Q: What are japanese masks made from?
A: The masks are made out of materials such as clay, dry lacquer, cloth, paper. Read More »
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