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Plinth blocks act as transition pieces between door casings and baseboards. They typically appear at the bottom corners of door casings, or the wood trim that  ...

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Dec 1, 2015 ... “Plinth” is an architectural term used to describe a support or base for a column. Plinth blocks are located on the floor and below door casing to ...

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A lattice is a thin strip of flat moulding commonly used to hide seams and edges.

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The Plinth Block creates a transition piece between the vertical door trim and ..... A Lattice is a thin strip of flat moulding commonly used to hide seams and trim ...

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Redwood, Cedar, and Exterior Treated mouldings are used primarily in exterior ... Plinth Blocks are used at the edge where a baseboard joins the casing of a ...

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Lattice: A thin, flat moulding, rectangular in cross-section, used to build ... Plinth block: A block of wood placed at the bottom of door mouldings to serve as a base  ...

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panel moulding when used in larger rooms with high ceilings. These large ... baseboards. PLINTH BLOCKS are used at the edge where a baseboard joins the .

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3 - LATTICE = MP3296 ... 5 - PLINTH BLOCK = PRMPB3436. 2 .... BATTENS/ OPEN TRIM: A Batten/Open Trim is a narrow strip of wood used to cover joints or as ...

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The flat astragal, can also be used for decorative purposes to cover a joint or separation. .... l; Lattice. Originally used in trellis work, this small plain, S4S moulding is ... Since the door casings and bases are moulded, plinth blocks offer a good ...

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Plinth. Scalable to your Project. 35% Scale. 5". 3/4". 1 1/8". 1/16". 1/8". 1 1/2". 1/8". 9/16. " 13/16" .... Custom wood wedges, blocks and rounds are manufactured to specifications. We are full ..... Cap Mould. Poplar rq265. G" x 1K". Lattice. White Pine rq267. G" x 1I"....

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Aug 20, 2012 ... Here are examples of plinth blocks I installed on door surrounds. ... they are purely Victorian in style, and so should really only be used with the ...

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Square blocks used in place of mitering the side and head casings. Cove ... Lattice. Jamb A vertical perimeter frame of a window or door. Lattice ... Plinth Block

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Brackets, Corbels & Dentil Blocks ... Plinth Blocks & Miterless Accessories. Timber Flat Trim & Brick ... Given the moulding process, Fypon polyurethane products.