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Council warns of replacement air bags - tribunedigital-chicagotribune


Aug 22, 2002 ... Vehicles in which air bags have been deployed are sometimes ... repair facilities around the nation are installing false air bags in vehicles after ... 14 states including Illinois have laws barring false or remanufactured air bags.

State Statutes Relating to Air Bag Installation Fraud - NPR


(a) A person commits the offense of fraudulent repair of an airbag if, after an ... of an air bag that was designed in accordance with federal safety regulations for ...

The danger of stolen or fake airbags


Federal law doesn't require airbag replacement in vehicles that are repaired after crashes. It's up to states whether to require replacement, and some states ...

Air Bag Replacement Mandatory Under New Ohio Law - Auto Repair


Jun 28, 2005 ... Ohio Law ORC 4549.20 makes it manditory to replace deployed automobile air bags with fully functioning units conforming to the federal motor ...

Are Recycled OEM Non-Deployed Airbags Safe? - Edmunds.com


Nov 8, 2012 ... Auto recyclers salvage never-deployed OEM airbags from scrapped cars and sell them as replacement airbags. It's legal, but critics say it's dangerous. ... autos and sell them as replacement parts to collision repair shops.

Questions & Answers Regarding Air Bags - NHTSA


Questions & Answers Regarding Air Bags. Content from this page on deactivating air bags has been updated and can be found at www.SaferCar.gov. Please ...

Airbag Fraud Prompts New California Law | Venardi Law Firm


Consumers who believe they are victims of airbag fraud should contact an ... Among the many regulations the Bureau will enforce, auto repair shops would now ...

860.146 - Statutes & Constitution :View Statutes : Online Sunshine


Includes any part or object, including, but not limited to, a counterfeit or repaired airbag cover, installed in a motor vehicle to mislead the owner or operator of ...

Minnesota Statutes 2016, Section 325E.0952 - Office of the Revisor ...


325E.0952 MANDATORY AIR BAG REPLACEMENT. ... is missing may not perform collision repair of that motor vehicle unless any deployed or missing air bag​.

Airbag Basics - SafeMotorist.com


Federal law prohibits dealers, repair shops, etc. from disabling airbags. However if necessary, you can contact and obtain permission from the National Highway ...

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Car Airbags. Replacement or Resetting? Please help (air bag, truck ...


Is it a law that you have to have airbags in a car? I'm sure she will get them replaced but for now if she can't she has to drive the car so she want ...

SB 869 Senate Bill - Bill Analysis


... after preparing a written estimate to repair a deployed airbag, fails to properly repair and restore that airbag to its original condition. Existing law, the Business ...

California passes new law to stop air bag repair scams


Oct 4, 2011 ... Over the weekend, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new law supported by Consumers Union to protect consumers from dealerships ...