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Nerdy names for guys? | Yahoo Answers


give me some really nerdy guy names like Winston and Dexter. ... Nerdy Names ... Winslow Cleburne Wendell Ernest Edgar Homer Elmer Sherwin

Need Dorky vs. Boy names for story : Baby Name Poll Results


His last name is Finnegan and he'll go by Finn. I would like a somewhat dorky nerdy name for the first name. Maybe Amyntas for the middle name? I heard it a ...

Geek Chic Names for Boys | Nameberry.com


There are some baby names that, like thick black-rimmed glasses and heavy oxfords, are so uncool they're cool. Here are some geek chic baby names for boys.

Geek Names


Aug 30, 2016 ... Geek Baby Names in Science Fiction, Fantasy. For Nerdy Parents and Pet Owners.

Baby Names: 100 Cool Uncommon Baby Names for Girls and Boys ...


Jul 28, 2010 ... Are you looking for a great baby name that's virtually undiscovered? ... This is a trove of information for name nerds as well as for parents ...

The Top 754 Boys names in the USA - Name Nerds


This year, I only have names with occurrences of 157 or more.

What To Name Your Baby Nerd - Name Nerds


Male Names, Female Names. Name, Series, Episode, Name ...

The Ultimate Geek Name? - The Baby Name Wizard


Jan 19, 2011 ... Scanning a list of names that users recently added to Namipedia, one leapt out at me: Zaphod. Yes, as in Zaphod Beeblebrox. (If you haven't ...

Fantasy-inspired baby names - SheKnows


Feb 6, 2013 ... Here are fantasy baby names that will get your imagination soaring. ... Fantasy names are a little bit nerdy without being totally alienating.

What are some nerdy dog names? | The Dog Namer


You are a nerd – loud and proud. Any nerdy dog owner needs to give their dog a good, nerdy dog name. We've curated a list of the greatest nerdy dog names ...

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Uncommon Baby Names: Classic And Quirky Ideas For Geeky Parents


Jul 21, 2015 ... Believe it or not, your baby's name can reveal more about your ... So if your interests lie in geek culture and you're looking to pass that on, ...

Geeky Baby Names That Won't Scar Your Kid for Life | News ...


Oct 24, 2015 ... If you have a baby on the way or are just really into planning ahead, here are a few names that pay tribute to geek favorites without scarring ...

71 Geeky And Nerdy Baby Names - MomJunction


Aug 11, 2016 ... So, if you have a baby on the way or are planning ahead, here are some fabulously geeky and brilliantly nerdy baby names for you. We have ...