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It is a rare trust document that says anything more specific about compensation than to note that the trustee is entitled to “reasonable compensation.” This is a ...


Trustee Fees: Guideline for Trustee Compensation ... will vary, and in some states the court has more power to make reasonable adjustments to the trustee fee.


May 1, 2017 ... What type of Trustee fee does state law provide for? If the Revocable Living Trust is silent on fees or provides for the payment of "reasonable" ...


Nov 4, 2016 ... Trustees are entitled to compensation from the trust for their trust administration related services. The amount received must be reasonable for ...


The trustee's payment comes from the trust assets. ... If it's left to you to come up with a "reasonable" fee, here are a couple of ways you might go about the task: ...


This is often ignored at the trustee's peril, especially if one sub-trust lists children as beneficiaries and the .... A trustee should be paid reasonable compensation.


Mar 1, 2002 ... Reasonableness of fees of trustee, testamentary or inter vivos, may be reviewed by ... A trustee is entitled to reasonable compensation.


FOR TRUSTEES. Virginia Code § 64.2-1208 allows a “reasonable compensation ” to a fiduciary for services ... Compensation Schedule/Trustee/October 1, 2012.


Of course, professional trustees charge fees, and many banks and trust companies have a minimum trust balance requirement in order to serve as trustee.