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Geographic distribution of the Adena (1000-200 BCE), Hopewell (200 BCE-500 CE), and Fort Ancient (1000-1750 CE) cultures. The Adena culture was a Pre- Columbian Native American culture that existed f...

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Jun 17, 2015 ... The "Adena culture" is an archaeological term used to broadly indicate a ... These groups became the Hopewell culture, but many people continued ... ways and in some regions, such as southwestern Ohio, the Adena culture ...

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The Adena and Hopewell Indians were both part of the Woodland culture that lived in Southwestern Ohio. The Hopewell followed the Adena historically, and ...

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Notable ancient Indian culture of the east-central area of North America. ... amount of pottery and ornamental stonework and metalwork that has been found suggests some division of labour; moreover, ... Prehistory and Origins: Fact or Fiction?

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Mar 9, 2000 ... ADENA. Towards the end of the Archaic (shortly before 3000-4000 years ago), some societies in the Eastern Woodlands began burying their dead in low, ... Although people often speak and write of an Adena "culture," in actuality the ... the Hopewell and reaching its apogee with the Mississippian tradition.

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Feb 21, 2000 ... And like the Adena "culture," Hopewell should not be conceived of as a ... The average size of Ohio mounds is about 30 feet high and some 100 feet .... fishing, and hunting, a not surprising fact considering the incredible ...

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The Hopewell Culture like the Adena Culture were also mound builders. In fact, the Hopewell Culture is really just a more contemporary version of the Adena Culture. ... become repositories of some the finest materials from around the country.

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Encyclopedia.com -- Online dictionary and encyclopedia of facts, information, and biographies ... Like the rest of the Woodlands peoples, the Adena Indians lived in small ... Some Adena graves contained obsidian and the teeth of sharks and ... The burial mounds of the Hopewell societies tended to be larger and higher and ...

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Get information, facts, and pictures about Hopewell at Encyclopedia.com. ... and under burial mounds, and unmounded structures connected with burial rites. ... Hopewell also produced some of the most noteworthy earthen architecture of the  ...

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This has caused some archaeologists to view Hopewell as a religious cult that spread among different ... Regardless of the precise nature of the Hopewell culture, it existed in Ohio from about 100 B.C. to A.D. 500. ... 5.a The Adena Culture.

What Are Some Facts About the Adena & the Hopewell Indians?
The Adena and Hopewell Indians were both part of the Woodland culture that lived in Southwestern Ohio. The Hopewell followed the Adena historically, and their cultures had much in common. Earthen mounds built for burial and ceremonial purposes were a... More »
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Some of these were burial mounds to put dead people in. ... people moved into the Middle Woodland period, their culture developed into the Hopewell culture.

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Culture of various communities of ancient North American Indians, about 500 bc – ad 100, centred ... conical roofs, constructed of poles, willows, and bark, though some of them lived in rock shelters. ... Hopewell culture · Woodland cultures · Mississippian culture · Big-Game Hunting ... Prehistory and Origins: Fact...

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Understanding the prehistoric Adena Culture as part of Ohio and the Mound Builders. ... Some of the mounds were dug into by local settlers just to see what was inside. ... The Hopewell Culture which followed the Adena Culture, also built  ...