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Hammurabi (c. 1810 BC - 1750 BC) was the sixth king of the First Babylonian Dynasty, reigning ... The first few decades of Hammurabi's reign were quite peaceful. Hammurabi used ..... Marc (2005). King Hammurabi of Babylon: A Biography.


Hammurabi (also known as Khammurabi and Ammurapi, reigned 1792-1750 ... The Amorites were a nomadic people who migrated across Mesopotamia from ... an adroit diplomat, and canny imperialist, patient in the achievement of his goals.


The greatest accomplishment of Hammurabi was the Hammurabi Code of Laws. Hammurabi was the most ... What were some laws in the Code of Hammurabi?


Find out more about the history of Hammurabi, including videos, interesting ... because he'd done the same for some other delegates: “Do you imagine you can  ...


The first years of Hammurabi's reign were spent in consolidating his rule and ... These successes established Hammurabi as the leading power in western Asia.


Oct 13, 1999 ... The last 14 years of Hammurabi's reign were overshadowed by war. In 1763 ... Hammurabi's accomplishments are believed by historians to be ...


The last 14 years of Hammurabi's reign were overshadowed by continuous warfare. ... The lasting achievement of Hammurabi's rule was that the theatre of ...


Nov 26, 2011 ... Get an answer for 'What were some major achievements of the Babylonian ... His great cultural contribution was the Code of Hammurabi, ...


Oct 9, 2014 ... Visit Biography.com to learn more about Hammurabi, the creator of some of the earliest written laws in human history.