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Dugout Canoes external image murals-445x450.jpg photo-29.jpg. The Iroquois used dugout canoes to travel. They also used dugout canoes to fish. They used ...

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The Iroquois depended on the natural resources around them to meet all of their basic ... Gardening tools such as hoes were made from large deer bones.

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Many tools used by the Iroquois were snowshoes (see picture above) for the cold winters, and canoes used on the Lawerence River. We must remember that the ...

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Most of the Iroquois tools were made from stone, bone, and wood. Dishes and ... Baskets and other containers were woven from cornhusks or strips of bark.



Indian Country Tools. Iroquois cradleboard · Menominee saddle with horse effigy ... Iroquois powderhorn · Menominee gunstock club · Ojibwe maple bowl.

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1000 years ago- the Iroquois-language nations adapted the process of agriculture. Eastern ... Crop fields were cleared by slashing and burning the trees .



The Iroquois were hunters and gatherers, farmers, and fishermen but the main ... The main tools used for hunting and farming include stone axes, various size ...

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The Iroquois were a League or Confederacy of tribes in the Northeastern part ... The Iroquois used the skin for making clothing and blankets, the bones for tools, ...

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Traditionally, the Iroquois were farmers and hunters who practiced a ... European trade goods had almost completely replaced the traditional weapons and tools.

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The Iroquois made tools for farming. One tool was a wooden rake for leveling the soil. Another was ... The Iroquois were very grateful for their harvests. They held ...

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There were five tribes in the original Iroquois Confederacy: the Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, .... What were Iroquois weapons and tools like in the past?

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Nearly every Native American tribe used some form of bow and arrow as a ... War Clubs, used by the Iroquois and Algonquian tribes of the eastern woodlands, were ... Although stone axes had been used as tools and ritual objects by Native  ...

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The Iroquois are an Indian tribe that were originally concentrated in the upstate New York area of the United States. As expert hunters, the Iroquois tribe hunted ...