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Argument from morality


The argument from morality is an argument for the existence of God. .... development; this entail that moral values do not exist independently of the human mind.

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Feb 7, 2011 ... Dr. Craig outlines and clarifies the moral argument, then demonstrates ... If God does not exist, objective moral values and duties do not exist. 2.

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Jun 12, 2014 ... Moral arguments for God's existence form a diverse family of ... Arguments that met these standards could have value in making belief in God ...

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The most discussed moral argument for God's existence is currently the argument concerning the ontological basis for objective moral values: 1. If God does not ...

These are two separate, but connected arguments for the existence of God. Together, they make up what are known as the Axiological Arguments (axios = value). They assert that the existence of values and/or of morals proves that God exists. More »
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Jul 17, 2012 ... Premise 1: If God does not exist, then objective moral values and duties do not ... Most people want to uphold premise 2 of the moral argument.

Do Morals and Values Prove the Existence of God?


The arguments from morals and values make up what are known as the Axiological Arguments (axios = value). According to the Argument from Values, there are ...

How does the moral argument support the existence of God?


Human beings do not need to believe in God to discern moral duties or understand that objective moral values exist. But, that has never been the argument of ...

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The Argument from Values or Moral Absolutes claims that there are universal human values and ideals - things like goodness, beauty, truth, justice, etc.

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Because values and morals tend to be quite stable, people are often .... [21] Slogans and chants replace arguments intended to persuade and inform, and the  ...

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Q: If there is no way to determine value from fact, and what is mora...
A: Yes - but since we live in groups of humans each with their own opinions, societal mores win up as compromises of individual opinions influenced by the group. P... Read More »
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The metaethical moral argument contends that the existence of objective moral values either entails the existence of God or at least is best explained by theism ...

Do Objective Moral Values Exist? - Neil Shenvi


In contrast, the claim of moral realism is that there are objective moral values which .... premise (actually, premise 2 of the Moral Argument for God's existence).

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1) Objective moral values exist. 2) Objective moral values necessitate the existence of a God. 3) Therefore, a God exists. To consider the value of this argument, ...

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Dec 23, 2013 ... Objective moral values do exist. 3. Therefore, God exists. I have some issues with analysis. My first issue that I don't believe that objective moral ...