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The first step to becoming a personal trainer is obtaining certification from a nationally accredited, reputable company. Once you are certified you have a big  ...


Curious about the benefits of becoming a personal trainer? Or maybe you're ready to become certified in your profession? Get more info here!


Oct 7, 2015 ... There are many benefits to becoming a personal trainer, from being your own boss to having the chance of changing other people's lives for the ...


As a fitness institution, a question we get asked a lot by both our students and their potential clients is "Do people really need a Personal Trainer?", and so we' ve ...


Jan 11, 2016 ... Fit, attractive personal trainers make glamorous icons both on television and in real life, marching around the gym dishing out orders. But like ...


However, there are deeper and more significant benefits to being a personal trainer. If you have been considering embarking on a career in this industry, ...


Personal Trainer Pros and Cons | thePTDC | pros and cons of being a personal trainer. Can you spot the mistake that the trainer is making in this picture?


Hey personal trainers, im looking to network with like minded people, as i ... Can you guys tell me the Pros + Cons of your job please .. for reps


There are many advantages and benefits of being a personal trainer (money aside). These include being your own boss or changing your client's lives!