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There is no known evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial life forms similar to humans, but many theorize that they exist.
A new microorganism recently discovered by NASA, which is able to thrive and reproduce using the toxic chemical arsenic, gives more plausibility to the theory that other planets might sustain life.

Fermi paradox


Counterarguments suggest that intelligent extraterrestrial life does not exist or ..... It may be that non-colonizing technologically capable alien civilizations exist, ...

What are the odds there is life in outer space? - HowStuffWorks


... maybe even thousands -- of alien civilizations must exist across the cosmos. Right? ... So overwhelmingly likely that I'd give you almost any odds you'd like.".

A New Equation Reveals Our Exact Odds of Finding Alien Life - io9


Jun 21, 2013 ... A New Equation Reveals Our Exact Odds of Finding Alien Life ..... Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not.

Life in the Universe - Stephen Hawking


That carbon atoms should exist at all, with the properties that they have, requires a ..... What are the chances that we will encounter some alien form of life, as we ...

Chances Of Advanced Alien Life In Galaxy Are Slim | Environment ...


Dec 14, 2014 ... New research conducted by Hebrew University astrophysicist Prof. Tsvi Piran suggests that the chances that complex intelligent life are slim.

Alien life exists and could be found within 20 years, with enough ...


May 22, 2014 ... The odds of an alien civilization being advanced enough to produce .... We all know that Aliens don't exist because we're all just living is a ...

Bold Prediction: Intelligent Alien Life Could Be Found by 2040


Feb 10, 2014 ... The first detection of intelligent extraterrestrial life will likely come within the next quarter-century, a prominent alien hunter predicts.

The Possibility of Alien Life Is Now (Almost) Impossible to Deny


Jan 12, 2012 ... The Possibility of Alien Life Is Now (Almost) Impossible to Deny ... This means that the chances of life and habitable planets in our galaxy alone is ..... Major Companies That Didn't Exist 6 Years AgoRead on Hewlett-Packard.

5 Insane Theories About Why We Haven't Discovered Alien Life ...


Feb 21, 2013 ... ... for a number of reasons, the chances of us ever meeting any aliens are slim ... Carbon may not even freaking exist on the aliens' home world.

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Q: What are the scientific chances of aliens existing?
A: The chances are more mathematical. Bookies Paddy Power have cuts Read More »
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Q: What evidence is there that aliens exist?
A: There is only one credible, verifiable, undisputed piece of evidence: Us. Life formed on our planet, and all signs point to it having formed spontaneously from... Read More »
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Q: What evidence is there to state that aliens exist?
A: The truth is that aliens do exist a long time ago a ufo fell into an ocean some teenagers reported the accident and the goverment did not tell all of the facts ... Read More »
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Q: What are the chances of making contact with aliens?
A: Answer If you consider the vas amount of space out there inthe universe, it is only amount of time before we contact one. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe in a thousand... Read More »
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Q: In the Marvel Universe, where superheroes and aliens do exist, wh...
A: In the Marvel Universe it is well established that at least a portion of comic books are about Marvel Superheroes. The Fantastic Four has, on numerous occasion... Read More »
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