Did you mean: What Are The Differences Between Girl Bettas And Boy Bettas?

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Female pet shop bettas tend to be very plain in comparison, with short fins and ... These differences become more pronounced with age, and most full-grown ...

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... about these fish? The betta you think is a girl might actually be a boy!... ... A female betta will also be fat with egg production when she is happy. When she is  ...

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Apr 8, 2015 ... Difference Between a Male & Female Betta. Bettas are domesticated freshwater tropical fish derived of a native fish of Thailand. The wild bettas ...

what is the difference between a boy and a girl betta?plz answer?


I am assuming you mean how to tell them apart? Males Males are distinguished from females by their longer, flowing fins. The male body is longer ...

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The female betta on the other hand is much more friendly and can be kept with ... I have personally seen videos of female bettas being more aggressive than males. ..... Placing paper or cardboard between containers can help aid in fin damage ... a betta lover, who adores the boys but have grown to love the females as well.

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What are the differences that you seasoned betta mommies & daddies ... cite that females are more active, but I don't think those people have met my boys! ... there is a huge difference between male and female Bettas...the differences are ...

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... Betta. Keep in mind that juvenile fish may not display sexual differences. ... Female Bettas will display vertical stripes when ready to mate, while males do not . ... Mature females will display an “egg spot” between the ventral and anal fins.

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Occasionally, a fight will ensue between a male and female betta if they are ..... I have a blue betta fish I just got from my step dad idk if it's a girl or boy but he or ...

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The difference between male #bettas and female bettas | See more about Boys and Girls.

how do you tell the difference between a girl and boy fish ...


Aug 2, 2008 ... Best Answer: Difference between male and female is that male has long ... A female betta will have short fins, a male will have long flowing fins.

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It is a myth that all female bettas are brown - this may have been true in the past, but they have since been ... Notice the difference between ventral length?

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Obvious Differences Between Males And Females The biggest difference that will help you decide male or female is the way your betta flares.

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You can find betta fish sitting quietly in tiny cups on the shelves of pet stores ... The boys come in just about any color you can think of, and their fins often are a ... How to Keep a Betta Gladiator · Differences Between Male & Female Electric ...

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If you've heard betta fish cannot have companions in their tanks because they will fight, ... The female betta is decidedly less flamboyant than the male. ... How to Keep a Betta Fish Happy · Difference Between Veiltail & Crowntail Betta Fish ...

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Many of you have emailed me to ask me how to tell a betta Monsieur from a betta ... That eye only can tell without a doubt the settle differences between a female ...