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... only significant adult spider monkey predators, other than humans. ... However, predation of Geoffroy's spider monkey has not been ...


According to the University of Michigan, the enemies, or predators, of spider monkeys are jaguars, pumas, ocelots, margays and harpy eagles. The biggest ...


The black-headed spider monkey, wooly spider monkey, and brown spider ... Main predators of spider monkeys are jaguars, pumas, ocelots and large snakes.


Distribution:Spider Monkeys live in tropical climates, specifically the ... They sleep high in trees, generally above the canopy in order to avoid predators.


There are 7 known sub species of the Spider Monkey. They belong to the class of ... There aren't too many predators of the Spider Monkey. The main ones they ...


They have long, lanky arms and prehensile (gripping) tails that enable them to move gracefully from branch to branch and tree to tree. These nimble monkeys ...


Spider Wasp source: wiki commons. Because they are small, spiders have many enemies. Larger animals, such as birds, toads, lizards and monkeys, hunt them.


Harpy eagle; Crested eagle; Puma; Jaguar; Human. Aside from human, jaguars are the strongest of these.


Black spider monkeys are native to South America, north of the Amazon River. .... whistling, and barking, which warns others of predators and clarifies where ...