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Vertical integration describes when a company purchases or starts a company that it either buys from or sells to and integrates this new business into its own.

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... efficiency and cost savings. For example, backward integration might cut transportation costs, improve profit margins and make the firm more competitive.

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The most common form of backward integration is when a resale business acquires a supplier that it once bought from. A supermarket might acquire a ...

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Nov 28, 2012 ... It is a type of vertical integration, but specifically refers to the merging with firms who used to supply the firm. Example of Backward integration:.

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Backward integration refers to a company buying or internally producing parts of its ... For example, let's assume that Company XYZ manufactures widgets.

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Background integration is a type of vertical integration in which a business falling later in a supply chain integrates with a business falling earlier in a supply ...

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Definition of backward integration: Type of vertical integration in which a consumer of raw ... Use 'backward integration' in a Sentence ... Show More Examples.

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Give an example of Backward & Forward integration. Question Posted / jayanta kr . das. 5 Answers; 35419 Views; ICICI, I also Faced. E-Mail Answers. Answers ...

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What do firms do when they want to increase their competitiveness? Some companies adopt a vertical integration strategy. In this lesson, you will...