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What Are the Primary Responsibilities of the Legislative Branch?
The U.S. Constitution creates three distinct and independent branches of government: the executive, the judicial and the legislative. The legislative branch consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Constitution gives the legislative... More »
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The United States Congress
The United States Congress is part of the legislative branch and is made up of two houses -- the House of Representatives and the Senate. The primary duty of Congress is to write, debate, and pass bills, which are then passed on to the president for approval. The 113th United States Congress is scheduled to meet in Washington, DC from January 3, 2013 to January 3, 2015.

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Article I of the U.S. Constitution establishes a Legislative Branch with a House and Senate. Check out their duties. ... Jump to main content. Jump to navigation.

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Main organ, Cabinet. Judicial branch. Court, Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. Seat, Mexico, D.F.. The Federal Government of Mexico is the national government of the United Mexican States, ......

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The two bottom corners are the Judicial Branch and the Legislative Branch ... the major responsibilities of each of the three branches of the US government.

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The primary duty of the legislative branch of government is to introduce, ... In addition to its legislative duties, the legislative branch of the government is also ...

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Jun 11, 2015 ... Its main responsibility is the creation of laws. The United States Constitution outlines the powers of the legislative branch, Congress, which is ...

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Aug 27, 2009 ... In federal and state government, the legislative branch's primary function is to ... and voting on laws is the main role of the legislative branch.

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To ensure a separation of powers, the U.S. Federal Government is made up of three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. To ensure the government is ...