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A fad, trend or craze is any form of collective behavior that develops within a culture, ... Fads could include diets, clothing, hairstyles, toys, and more.


Many fashion trends from the early years of the decade, especially the 80s influences and the 1960s ...


May 11, 2015 ... Breaking fashion news: '90s jeans, string bikinis and peplum are so over. The masses have spoken, er, Googled, and now it's all about jogger ...


Dec 20, 2016 ... Taste-makers predict the biggest fashion trends of 2017, plus name the 2016 trends that are so last year.


Dec 9, 2016 ... Chokers, velvet, baseball caps, and more: these looks defined 2016!


Aug 10, 2012 ... Madeleine Wilson gets in to the swing of Fashion Week 2012 with ... fads that seem so barbaric by today's standards, we could happily forget.


However, a deeper understanding of the differences between fads, trends and classics, will enable you to put an end to the fashion fueled guessing game.


Now coming to your first question, some fads and trends in fashion are mentioned in this article. Today's top fashion trends and fading fads. 1.3k Views · 3 ...


Oct 27, 2015 ... 100 Years of fashion from starting at 1915 to today.


Apr 3, 2011 ... The best part about terrible fashionfads is that you get to see exactly how stupid you looked two years later when the South finally picks up the ...